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  • Life is socialist, evolution is liberal

    copyright as seen in the photo There are current events happening in the world that, once again, put face to face the two opposing factions of the democracy capitalism tango: socialism and liberalism. Truth be told, liberals are far more successful than socialists. That’s the bare truth, as upsetting as this may sound. The rich, the […]

  • More socialist ideas

    The single main role of a state is to constantly grow the quality of life for the people who make the state exist: the citizens. Patriotism is bullshit because it is based on genetic factors which are among the most unfair and inhuman factors to consider placing in the foundation of a society or national […]

  • My socialist ideas

    Cities should have no cars. Cars are the wrong means of transportation in a city. We require solid public transit options. Driving around on the streets of a city should be accompanied by a super high cost premium or forbidden by all means. Everything would work better from police to paramedics to getting to work […]