Life is socialist, evolution is liberal

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There are current events happening in the world that, once again, put face to face the two opposing factions of the democracy capitalism tango: socialism and liberalism.

Truth be told, liberals are far more successful than socialists. That’s the bare truth, as upsetting as this may sound. The rich, the famous, are liberals. We don’t know if their socialist instincts get numbed by accounting, or if they are rich exactly because they are liberals.

Socialism and capitalism make a good couple. The difference is that socialism is the wife playing house, while liberalism is the mistress playing erotic fantasies. Capitalism dreams of the liberal mistress, leaves the wife, but then when inequality makes capitalism look like meaningless nonsense, its time for capital to settle down, not trickle down.

The thing is, liberalism does not favor life.

It does get inspired from nature, in terms of natural selection and survival of the fittest. But, what we perceive as nature is not life, but one aspect of life: evolution. Liberalism is based on evolution, a ruthless trial and error process. But evolution, a mere strategy which works for preserving life in times of instability, it is not life itself. The goal of life is not individual thriving, but eternity. In this view, the individual success story is irrelevant. None of the high predators of the world will survive outside of the finely tuned system preserving their advantages, and just as so, none of the rich wonders, capital multipliers of the world will survive outside of the finely tuned system preserving their privileges.

When you get an inspiration from life, instead of evolution, you realize that life, which devised evolution, also took care to create balanced ecosystems. Life penalizes greedy predators in many ways. Life works all the time, on multiple levels, to keep tabs on all living beings.

You should not think of life as Intelligent Design, or God, or not even “the unmoved mover”. Life exists outside of our concepts and it is, just as time, a natural phenomenon embedded in our universe. I speculate, the innate arrow of life is a spacelife replacing the spacetime we know so well.

My opinion is that general intelligence is the pinnacle of evolution as it has proven so far to be highly successful not only at preserving the integrity of the beings that possess it, but at doing so despite a wide range of disadvantages of the species that possesses it. That means the definitive trait of homo sapiens is not an evolutionary advantage, but a means to preserve life’s million year effort to fight against time with more than random mutation and endless adaptation: with a structured and long term approach. In this sense I can say that liberalism is a product, a tool, of socialism simply because socialism is inherent in human existence, while liberalism is a tool for a means: sustained progress.

Socialism is concerned less with the thriving of the highly fit members, more with the thriving of the whole society. Socialism sees society as an ecosystem, while liberalism sees society as an environment to explore and master.

Life doesn’t care about net profits, but evolution does. Evolution is geared towards survival, while life is geared towards resilience. The same can be noticed regarding our two main economic approaches. We either care for net profitability, or we care for endurance. Individual profitability in a society comes at the cost of a fragile society.

We need socialist government with liberal business. This is how a welfare society should organize itself. If there is no business, there is no progress. Just as evolution is one very successful tool of life, so should liberal business be the catalyst of progress and material advances of the welfare society.

But liberal government is not good for humans in general, but only for some humans in particular, and that is a fact. It is so because it simply cannot see into humanity’s focus on infinity, but looks solely through the short sighted diopter of survival.

Liberalism is what gets shit done because socialism is the shit and we should deal with it.