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  • Donald Trump won’t do squat

    Protect the system they voted against. Why the fuck is everyone whining about one dude so much? There is a system. On January Day when he will have the most awesome egogasm in his life, he’ll also enter the biggest BDSM relationship with the system that keeps the whole US joint working. And the system is the […]

  • Right versus rational is a lie

    I think if people were given the choice between being rational and being right, they would choose to be right even if that risked sounding irrational. I think that is a seriously far fetched assumption. I also think this kind of assumption is the evil that poisons what is right. Splitting the two, the right […]

  • All of Romania roots for Bernie Sanders!

    Around here, in this particular forsaken land in Easten Europe, there is an old joke: The ultimate plan for Romania’s prosperity: declare war on the US and then surrender! Now, Bernie Sanders has good reason to invade Romania. We’ve been waiting for this development for ages around here, we finally have something the americans want: […]

  • Life is socialist, evolution is liberal

    copyright as seen in the photo There are current events happening in the world that, once again, put face to face the two opposing factions of the democracy capitalism tango: socialism and liberalism. Truth be told, liberals are far more successful than socialists. That’s the bare truth, as upsetting as this may sound. The rich, the […]