How to build software in 3 steps

1) First create an UX (user experience)

a) What is the experience?

b) Who are your users?

  • personas
  • market research

c) What do your users want?

  • user stories
  • customer journey

d) How are you going to give them what they want?

  • communication design
  • information design
  • funnels design
  • UI design

2) Second engineer the IA (information architecture)

What will you build?

  • core product functionality (aka MVP)
  • product features
  • support features
  • tooling

How does it work?

  • software entities
  • information flow
  • database design
  • application design

How will you build it?

  • technology stack
  • conventions

3) Third handle the PM (project management)

Who will do this?

  • team assembly
  • team management

What do we need?

  • critical path
  • resources
  • budgeting
  • effort allocation
  • vendors

When will it be done?

  • product roadmap
  • product and work breakdown structure and/or backlog
  • agile and/or waterfall procedures
  • velocity and/or man-hours estimates