Tag: Development

  • When to Delete Everything

    Did you notice how we create complexity to solve complexity? I did, and then I wanted to delete everything. Tabula rasa means blank slate. It is coming from the requirement of erasing by melting the layer of wax used to write things on back in the Roman days. In time it has transcended this mundane […]

  • How to build software in 3 steps

    1) First create an UX (user experience) a) What is the experience? b) Who are your users? personas market research c) What do your users want? user stories customer journey d) How are you going to give them what they want? communication design information design funnels design UI design 2) Second engineer the IA (information […]

  • An ode to JavaScript

    { } in you is the beauty of endless opportunity,And in [ ] the confidence that I surrender to. For this. I feel the enthusiasm of knowing where I am,With $ silently watching over my step. ( ) gives me the keys to the kingdom,But new reminds me that the world is a hard place to change, […]

  • Maybe broccoli loves you

    The story of launching our mobile site Greetings from Romania. Running a start up, while fending off vampires, can be a tough business. Being so busy with these blood suckers, we postponed our mobile website just until Father Google woke up one day and said: “that information which is not mobile friendly, shall be cast […]

  • Introducing Raster PHP

    a framework even designers can understand ^-^ Ok, this has to be appreciated at least for the nerve — making a PHP framework in 2014, the year of the node, is both uncool and hard to promote. But you’re here, and so please carry on, you might be impressed. Raster PHP is a super small footprint collection […]

  • If you wouldn’t do your job for free, its ok to carry on doing it.

    And have a peaceful mind and a happy life too A while ago LifeHacker articulated this title for some article: If You Wouldn’t Do Your Job For Free, Then Quit Sure, it sounds good for a headline, but in reality this is a really bad advice. Why? Well, consider the average person. Not only do they […]

  • Deadline Dread

    There are three types of deadlines: rational deadlines, abstract deadlines and real deadlines. Too often lately “agile” has become either an excuse or a “solution” for deadline phobia. Because things cannot be endlessly fiddled with, generally any stakeholder involved in the development process will, at some point, require something done in a certain timeframe. One […]