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Do you think big pharma is the savior and that mandates are legitimate? Good for you. Do you think it’s all a scam and profit is the ultimate answer, ending in control of the individual for taking away free choice? Good for you.

It’s all a show.

Are you a Trump fan? May I remind you that operation warp speed was his creation, while Pfizer was already producing vaccine without an emergency approval?

Are you a Biden fan? May I remind you how the world is effectively dying while mr. current president wanted a 3rd dose without even waiting for “science” to give its greenlight?

It’s all a show.

I think since Clinton it all went downhill. And, starting with the US, the whole world collapsed into the same Show Of Shows. I sometimes imagine the laughs Bush Jr. had with family while playing the dumb president part: “They bought it, I’ll be damned!”. I other times imagine the chats between the Clintons: “It took our convenience marriage exposed for globalisation to kick in. What a laugh!”.

Truth be told, who can know anymore? It’s billions of us. Billions. The immediate effect is that we’re having tens, maybe hundreds of millions of people guarding secrets and masquerading the truth. At this size the world is unknowable. Cases like McAfee maybe getting away with murder, but maybe being suicided for talking forbidden subjects, or the infamous pedo Epstein who maybe had the elite wrapped in a web of status lust, but maybe being suicided for getting caught: these are the cracks through which one looks. But what we see through the cracks is a thin and severely incomplete picture. Who don’t know a damn thing. And we never will. Because we can’t.

You know why? Because we’re common people. Common people comply because their world is a fabrication well adjusted to the commoner’s grasp on the world. Makes me laugh how people travel as tourists or for sight seeing, and think that now they “know the world”. They’ve “seen it”. Good for y’all.

We’re billions and billions. We’re a forest where a falling tree is never heard. Not a whisper. Not even a few birds flying away. No birds get in the middle of this forest. It’s a forest of the connections and secrets and agendas of billions of people. Who can tell anymore?

The solution to this is the same as it always was: give up on the world, focus on your surroundings. Do you dislike your country’s politics? Make a local change. “Oh, but they’ll bury us!” I hear you say. Yes, only when you’ll matter. To survive, don’t touch their money. That’s where it all ends. Don’t try to tax the rich, don’t try to fight off corporations, don’t try to create competing globalist ideologies. Just stick to community building, local politics, local production, large networks of friends. The solution is, if you will, medieval, but without the force and bloodshed.

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