People should be out in the streets with torches for this particular vision of Jeffrey:

„Blue Origin was founded by Jeff Bezos with the vision of enabling a future where millions of people are living and working in space to benefit Earth.“

It is real estate 101. Those living and working in space will benefit Jeff Bezos’ descending plutocracy. They will be the only ones who will afford Earth.

We are sick for not going out of our way to topple this vision.

It is one of the most deranged visions that were ever spelled and instead of being a dirty secret it is sold to us fools as a grand project.

Who the hell out there thinks that the children of their children will be happy on some rock where death is a snap away? Why are y’all letting this dude fuck up your legacy? 

Instead of slums, arid lands, factory cities and the like, these assholes, born into riches, dancing through life drunk on their inexplicable luck, ripping off hundreds of years of poor schmucks dying for the infrastructure they now can exploit, they want all of us ejected into the mother fucking space! We crowded their shit.

Can you see the recruitment ads of the future? Can you see the impossible rent prices of the future? Can you see the debt collection via labor on asteroid Dimwit 21?

Friends, these are there real dangers, the ones close to humanity’s heart: insane lunatics leading us with their sick visions. They’re far more urgent and dangerous for your kids than the most immediate of dangers, like climate, pandemic, „overpopulation“, immigration, because all these things are being handled by people who work to fulfil the insane „visions“ of incompetent average emotionally sick people born into opportunity. 

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