4 directions to strive for in life

  1. Strive for health instead of money.
  2. Strive for time instead of achievements.
  3. Strive for people instead of things.
  4. Strive for relationships instead of networking.

Because the things on the left side will make you a healthy, free, kind and loved human while the things on the right will make you rich, accomplished, wealthy and known person.

You know how they always say its all about the journey not the destination? Well time is the journey and the achievement is the destination.

We are hardwired to be social; we disconnect from problems and suffer less just by being around people. We find deep meaning and significance from closed circles of friends and family. Things will bring you a lot of pleasure and some joy but its all fabricated by you, things are not a generator of emotion, it is your investment in them that gets reflected back. People are independent, they act on their will and generate emotions in others from womb to tomb (☺) so the return of investment into people is near infinite considering death to be the eternity factor.

They are not mutually exclusive but alas you only have one life at a time so naturally there will be choices to be made and sometimes no middle paths exist.