10 hard things in life

Hard things require a huge inner fight against the natural instinct, against outside pressure to conform, against learned stereotypes, against tiredness, against hedonism, against pessimism, against anger, against love.

You’d think that handling multi million operations is a tough job. You’d imagine anyone knows a thing or two about eating, having sex, socializing and enjoying a sunny day so therefore exotic things such as owning your island and collecting Rolls Royces must be damn hard to get. But they are not, it’s just that they are inaccessible, which is different from hard to get.

Inaccessible things require a huge opportunity.

Some have the opportunity. Some not. If you take care of the hard things then you’ll be prepared for the opportunity if it will ever show up.

Stop coveting. Literally anyone can own things, there is no talent or diploma required for owning. It is a bad aspiration.

So having a yacht is damn easy, but here are some hard things instead:

1. Keeping friends around is hard.

2. Being generous unconditionally is hard.

3. Long term decisions are hard.

4. Interacting with people who are different from you is hard.

5. Making good food is hard.

6. Being open minded is hard.

7. Educating kids is hard.

8. Being a fully grown sexual being is hard.

9. Accepting you are a grown up is hard.

10. Enjoying life is hard.

Making millions is not easy. That’s it. But it is not hard. Its lack of easiness comes from this activity of making millions being inaccessible to the majority of human beings. And it is easy to realize this just by skimming trough biographies of the outliers, the wonders, the ones who really got to the top of this game. The most basic thing you’ll notice is that all of them, and I really mean all of them, had the most peculiar good auspices for doing what they did, starting from the perfect match between their prime and the state of the world around them.

See what you are 🙂