• ¯_(ツ)_/¯, show me the money Medium.

    We’re good! We have praised the sh*t out of this “free for a while” product. I dread the monetization phase, you know the part where all the money poured here, will need to bring back some ROI. In that ugly ROI phase, you could see the minimalism of the network, the sheer sharpness of the […]

  • Stereotyping 101

    Shower thought at work: Why do we need this to convey message? Is it cool still to use wide spread perceptions of profession, status or expected traits to market products? I think: iconizing human stereotypes is a bad practice. How do we encourage diversity if our inner representation of things are hammered again and again […]

  • 10 hard things in life

    Hard things require a huge inner fight against the natural instinct, against outside pressure to conform, against learned stereotypes, against tiredness, against hedonism, against pessimism, against anger, against love. You’d think that handling multi million operations is a tough job. You’d imagine anyone knows a thing or two about eating, having sex, socializing and enjoying […]