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  • The business solar system

    Money or profit is the sun. Mercury is sales. The closest to it, taking all the heat. The ones on the sun side are cold calling, direct sales. On the backside, in the hot dark, commercial contracts, deals, and new business. Venus is marketing. Looking cool on the outside but a literal hell on the […]

  • What is work ethic?

    You can’t teach someone work ethic. You can’t. “Work ethic is a belief that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character”, Wikipedia instructs. In my past 18 years of professional interaction with people, I found that work ethic is a deeply personal experience which […]

  • 4 Steps I Always Take To Fail

    Success is counted sweetestBy those who ne’er succeed.To comprehend a nectarRequires sorest need. I’m a failed entrepreneur, which makes me a great employee. I’m a failed implementer, which makes me a great architect. I have a track record of unsuccesful projects, which makes me a great analyst. I failed at so many things I basically lost […]

  • Opportunity Is What Happens When Luck Meets Preparation

    Take the other pill: Yet, who am I to argue with Seneca? I think, all opportunity is based on a weird arrangement of the universe, on a specific moment. I think, there is no opportunity without luck. This might well be the reason for ninety-nine in one hundred startups failing. And, it is a soothing fact for […]

  • ​It’s laws that are made to be broken, not rules!

    Rules should be challenged. Laws should be broken. Both laws and rules are conventions we choose to respect so that we are allowed by other humans to thrive on our own. Yet laws are far more complex than rules. Rules should be simple. Laws should be complex. Complex rules and complicated laws are nothing but inflicted […]

  • Be Better: Don’t Be Hooked ™

    “all humans are motivated to seek pleasure and avoid pain, to seek hope and avoid fear, and finally, to seek social acceptance and avoid rejection.” ― Nir Eyal, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products First, ignore pleasure Pleasure is temporary. Pleasure comes to you without your effort of seeking it out. The only thing you have to […]

  • I hate team buildings and after hours parties. I do. They suck.

    The old joke “mandatory fun” is true 100%. Why should anyone care to spend even more time in the same social setting after throwing the bulk of their week at it? I mean, if you can’t be friends, nice, helpful, human, with the people that help you feed your children, during at least forty hours a […]

  • The 5 stages of entrepreneurship

    Stage One: Drive What most people lack, and the reason we’re divided as a society between go getters and settlers, is drive. When you are driven, you suddenly have time. Why? Because you somehow make that time. When you are driven, you suddenly can . Why? Because you jump in. When you are driven, you suddenly find […]

  • Inspiration is a myth

    The thing about inspiration is: it doesn’t exist on its own! It all starts with wishful thinking: All inspirational messages are wishful thinking made of hope and action. “Everything happens for a reason!”, … means: let’s hope there is a reason that will justify our self indulging actions. “Life is an adventure!”, … means: hopefully I am […]

  • It is Not OK to be a content consultant, an online content marketer, a personal development…

    As any of the above you have a direct vested interest in people quitting their jobs, following their dreams, starting up companies, as many as possible, loosing sight of the immediate to focus on some hazy future success, feel under appreciated, feel like they’re lost, feel like a failure, feel bad in general, or mediocre. […]