Persistence is a greater virtue for the lazy.

You have the right to arrogance if you make a living from your art.

Pride is a worse vice for the gifted.

Stubbornness is punished harder on the introvert.

Prophecy is ignored when spoken by an extrovert.

Culture transforms the exercise of liking into the practice of appreciating.

Lust is an experience, not a choice.

Where is the line between illness and identity?

Sexual fidelity is a very precious gift.

Emotional fidelity is effective self development.

Laziness is efficiency, idleness is conservation.

You should feel lucky if you like those who like you.

Inspiration is a myth

The thing about inspiration is: it doesn’t exist on its own!

It all starts with wishful thinking:

Hope and action together result in Wishful Thinking

All inspirational messages are wishful thinking made of hope and action.

“Everything happens for a reason!”,

… means: let’s hope there is a reason that will justify our self indulging actions.

“Life is an adventure!”,

… means: hopefully I am in some adventure and so something interesting will come out of my boring, routine actions.

“Love solves everything!”,

… means: I hope love is the answer, because all my actions seem futile.

“Happiness is a choice!”, OMG the worst of the pack,

… means: I hope that I can choose to be happy, instead of actually doing something about it.

The thing is all inspirational messages give birth to shame.

I suck, stuff happens to me for no reason! I am awful, love didn’t solve everything! My live is so not an adventure, I must be horrible. What the fuck is wrong with me, I cannot choose to be happy!

Shame of being human always comes from wishful thinking.

However, there is a right place for wishful thinking.

There is no shame involved when you are actually set on the path for achieving your goals.

You can afford to be as human as possible when you are “having a strong feeling that you’re going to do something and that you will not allow anyone or anything to stop you”.

A dictionary defines this as determination.

Determination transforms the intersection of Hope and Action into Inspiration

There is no such thing as inspiration to be found.

Inspiration appears at the intersection of hope and action in the presence of determination.

Determination is a global state in one’s life. It wraps all endeavors, all the little things one defines herself by. Determination acts in a way like a photo filter.

Look at this sentence:

“Life is an adventure!”

… through the lens of a determined person.

You’ll see a different picture:

“I want to go from Europe to Silicon Valley and fund my startup and there is nothing else I can think of doing with my life, and I am not afraid because I feel life is an adventure worth having.”

Determination is a big deal.

Unless one has the “hipster” problem, when determination is just not enough and determined action is too little:

The half assed approach is does not inspire

One last thing, unless determination is all encompassing, you will get bored.


Oh, and a note on being human: being human does not justify being moody, especially since everything is temporary.

Why We Suffer

I think:

There are only two things in life which cause genuine suffering: obsession and addiction.

Subjective existence constantly passes through reality, fantasy, imagination, reason, will and action. It also goes the other way around passing through reality, action, will, reason, imagination and fantasy.

Whenever we’re active we start by changing reality with some action, then incorporate it into our internal processes by using will, and then synthesise it using reason, enabling us to use imagination to see new ways of doing the action, and then to integrate these ways into our past experience, thus forming a fantasy, which we’ll bring into reality.

Whenever we’re passive we start by fantasising on some aspect of reality, then developing it into a desired state with imagination, which then gets analysed with reason, enabling us to assume it by using our will, to empower the enacting of it, with an action which changes reality.

These active and passive loops analyse whatever happens depending on the type of experience we’re having and at some point either reason or reality interrupt or break the loop. From reality come interruptions and from reason come breaks.

Addiction is the active state which drops reason and reality from the process.

Obsession is the passive state which drops reason and reality from the process.

Both addiction and obsession skip over reason’s synthesis or analysis and do not either start or end into reality.

Addiction starts with the action, the compulsive behavior, an action completely unrelated to reality. Addiction starts its cycle a lot of times with triggers, but triggers are not in reality, triggers are in our inner representation of reality. That action, which is always the same, shifts the internal process into the addictive state by the means of will, and skipping reason the addictive state creates an illusory imaginative state, which we’re using through fantasy to cover our past experience, and then, by skipping a reality check, we’re enabling a renewed action, thus taking the addictive cycle into a new loop.

Obsession starts with fantasy, but a fantasy which instead of being based in reality is effectively replacing it. Trauma is the usual suspect. The fantasy is then developed into a complex system of assumptions by our imagination bringing about the obsessive state. Skipping reason the obsessive state hijacks our internal process by the means of our will, then and triggers a specific set of actions who are not meant to affect reality but the fantasy we originally started from, a fantasy we’re back to, thus starting the obsessive cycle’s next loop.

There difference between obsession and addiction is hard to spot from the outside unless you monitor the order of behavioural steps. Also one can have both obsessive and addictive behaviors about the same subject because we’re able to process many experiences in the background of our subconscious and the breakdown of a subject in small little personal experiences is not apparent.

Interventions work because they bring reality back into the loop.

AA support groups work because they bring reason back into the loop.

They work as well as they’re set up and not everyone benefits equally. Interventions and AA groups work for both obsessions and addictions, as they are common to manifest together.

Monks practice their ascension by the suffering generated by obsession.

We’re all both addicted and obsessed.

Most addictions we suffer from are invisible to us. Only the ones who interfere with what our current society expects are noticed.

At the same time we humans could’t have managed to survive as a species without addictions and obsessions. Almost all great advancement is because one of these. What is happening with the afflicted ones is that they take over the entire personality: addictive personality and obsessive personality.

What I believe happens is that the speed of either obsessive or addictive cycles gets so fast, that there is a cyclone formed inside our selves that sucks in the entire consciousness.

Which means the cycles we go through are important to prevent addiction and obsession from taking over. First as much as possible always use reason and pay attention to reality.

The enemy of reason is belief. The enemy of reality is routine. Diversity as well as variety is the safeguard from routine. Individualisation is the safeguard from belief.

The second option is to break the cycle by elliminating a step. The third option is to heal whatever triggers addictive actions or obsessive fantasies.

As for me, I’m addicted to my obsessions.

Free energy

i find it amazing how little we think of it

We are bright creatures. If Fermi saw a truth, we might be the only bright creatures in an infinite space. We make nice smelling toilet paper. We make pocket size super computers. We spend so much and invest so big into futuristic space travel. We make an Internet of things. We build information systems that we could only dream of, just a few years back. But we only fiddle in exotic military projects with inventing universal and abundant energy.

Among all the things we could invent, the single one that would change the world forever is free energy. For energy to be free it has to be abundant, infinite and ecological.

But what does free energy mean for the world?

First, from free energy, comes free food. But not any food will be free, only the state subsidized one. We will still need subsidies, because just the energy is free, the rest of the stuff is not. And it will be vegetable food. Having access to abundant energy will allow us to grow plants in close cycles, forever.

Then, with free energy all the industrialized part of the world will have free transportation. With no cost for fuel and low maintenance costs, the rest will be affordable for state subsidy. This particular subsidy will be granted for electoral reasons in no time.

Also, free energy will make housing cheaper. Building houses will be cheaper. With free energy you can heat and cool, no matter the insulation. Renting will be cheaper too for the same reasons.

With free energy global travel will be consolidated. Tourism will get a new dimension as mobility rates will sky rocket.

There will still be a lot of things that do not become free. Also free energy in a free market will not drive prices down. It will bring inflation up at first, then after some regulation, prices will be very much normal. You will be able to buy just as much as you can today.

Some things will still be as priceless as they are today: work and land. For any service you’ll still pay. The land will be even more expensive as the energy requirements of home ownership will fall.

So what will be the big change about? If you still work and the free food is crappy, then this free energy thing doesn’t sound like much fun, right? Not exactly. Free energy means humans will finally have a life of options instead of a life of constraints.

Free energy is when people will retire early,
without a life of sacrifice first.

Free energy is the turning point when poverty is out and a “greater good” is not an utopia anymore.

It is when you can spend your youth being young, your childhood being childish. It is when you actually want to be a grown up. Maybe I am idealistic, maybe free energy is impossible. But it should be something we definitely strive more for.

Free energy will cut down on misemployment. It is giving society a chance to make more use of the human life. The problem with unemployment is that we do anything to lower it. In a world where the lack of goal is more and more visible to the common person, having no work is high speed time warp to existential crisis.

If your house is heated or cooled for free, if there is some sort of nutritionally balanced food available for free, if you can have light at night, internet anytime, would you still spend your day out in the sun shedding marketing on the innocent?

Free energy is like minimum guaranteed income but without the injustice of giving away other people’s money. It is the chance to take your time and use it for personal advancement instead of the horrible routine required for stasis.

I wonder if the advanced states of the world shouldn’t consider this more than social welfare, i wonder if the churches of the world shouldn’t spend more on this than merely echoing worship over centuries.

But, it is impossible! Is it?

No it is not. This is not about making impossible, crazy, physics defying machines. This is about harnessing technology, about re-envisioning government assistance of human society, about discussing on the topic of welfare and thinking about whether providing free energy instead of free money isn’t a better future.

4 directions to strive for in life

  1. Strive for health instead of money.
  2. Strive for time instead of achievements.
  3. Strive for people instead of things.
  4. Strive for relationships instead of networking.

Because the things on the left side will make you a healthy, free, kind and loved human while the things on the right will make you rich, accomplished, wealthy and known person.

You know how they always say its all about the journey not the destination? Well time is the journey and the achievement is the destination.

We are hardwired to be social; we disconnect from problems and suffer less just by being around people. We find deep meaning and significance from closed circles of friends and family. Things will bring you a lot of pleasure and some joy but its all fabricated by you, things are not a generator of emotion, it is your investment in them that gets reflected back. People are independent, they act on their will and generate emotions in others from womb to tomb (☺) so the return of investment into people is near infinite considering death to be the eternity factor.

They are not mutually exclusive but alas you only have one life at a time so naturally there will be choices to be made and sometimes no middle paths exist.

You better workbench!

So, here is the point

You can be a tribal citizen of the planet, one who has just been on the Internet for a couple of hours and I bet you’ll have learned this:

success is not a straight line, mediocrity is.

There are countless stories from ancient leaders, to modern self made industrialists, which you can read in encyclopedias that look like wikis, from ancient online businesses started in the 90s to modern silicon valley “enthusiasm backed” companies, they all emanate this: failure is expected.

But in order to fail properly you need to give it your best shot.

And today you can do IT. No limits, not even one. The only thing required is YOU and IT.

I’m thinking, since you have YOU, thank God, the only thing missing is IT. That’s why you have to workbench! To know, to learn: what is it? How is it? Draw it, write it, describe it, architect it, brief it. That’s it! It is all you really have to do because there are no other problems, if you know IT you can do it!

The problem

Are you a free spirited, creative, interesting extrovert or social introvert that feels caged in some tedious job, hunted in a cubicle or “creative work space” by early retirement thoughts and living the day just for the future promise of some potential Bugattis, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, martinis, mansions and high class “partees”? Well good and bad news altogether: all that may be an early sign of “entrepreneuritis”! And it, my friend, can only be solved in one single way: you better workbench!

The workbench, in general, is the symbol of action, the ideal workstation for bootstrapping anything, the place to go when you need to make a hunch into an object, and in software, in particular, the workbench is the metaphor of knowing what you want to do! This is the key to unlock the door of entrepreneurship, having a rock solid idea of what you want to accomplish. From there on starts the adventure, which i know you crave for so badly.

I’ve seen tens of folks with amazing ideas, really the kind that made you slap your forehead in awe … that never took off. The main reason was that those ideas were never laid on paper or on screen in some coherent form, from a couple of phrases, right down to full stack specifications — if the need be and the idea so complex. The point is: that is how you start, at the workbench, that will be your goal, your brief to yourself, that is the touchable result you should get to and you can only get it at the workbench, not in your head, not in your conversations with buddies, not in scraps of code or documents spread all over your time machine backup. At the workbench.

The challenge

There were days, in the dark ages of … seven years ago?, when you really needed a business plan, a budget, a partner, an office! just to kick-start, but times have changed, and for the good: you don’t need a budget, you don’t need financing or investors, you don’t need an office, you don’t even need an idea, you only need to workbench! You need to figure out what it is that you want to make, build, sell — clearly defined. From there on, everything can be solved, here is how.

First, you don’t even need to build something at all.

Just mock it up! Dry testing is hugely successful, you can literally sell air, you can ask for funding just by giving your gentleman’s word that you’ll do it — grassroots funding throws lost of money at ideas presented nicely that do not exist.

You don’t have to be a genius, a leading innovator or a grand figure in the annals of business management.

You can simply copy something that is really performing good out there and offer it at a very low price to local markets, translated and with 24/7 support attached. Or, you can copy a big product’s functionality bit by bit, and sell the solution to folks who do SEO spam, who can make it in China or who have access to million long email lists.

You don’t need time.

Time is something you’ll never have! Externalize! There are hordes of developers who can prop up ideas in no time and that cost, overall, cheaper than a fancy dinner out with the one you love/like/lust. There are hordes of folks that can add content to your empty site, hordes of reviewers, zillions of testers, never ending streams of coders to rent. Buy their time and cherish yours.

You don’t need an office!

What office? Everything nowadays happens in Basecamp or Trello or some other clone of these that I’ve never heard of, but which I bet is outstanding. Skype/Twitter/SMS is what will always save the day and you can have folks working with/for you and never meet them in person for years and years. You’ll have a team distributed globally, literally working 24 hours a day. Do you hate working from home? Go to a cafe, get access to a shared space its cheap! Forget offices.

You don’t need capital.

You need to workbench! Stop dreaming of ventures, free publicity or “angels”. You are nobody, who’s gonna give you a bazillion dollars/euros/yens in angel funding? Did you work in the same room with Zuck or Larry? I bet you didn’t so, please, just:

  1. stop reading those success PR stories about some dude or dudette who landed eleven mils in two weeks for the dog walking scheduling app they’ve scrapped in a day at a hackathon. Its bullshit and its toxic for you.
  2. focus on the workbench.

And the final one, you don’t need a budget,
you only need a job.

Of course you’ll spend some money — but its the kind of money that comes from savings you make if you stop buying junk food and cook at home, if you are more careful with you gadget addiction, if you stop reading the labels of your clothing. And no, you do not need to do overtime to scrap money for your side projects! Its the worst idea ever, it will suck you dry and leave you unable to spell out what you want. Save your energy, capitalize on time, do the minimum required but keep doing it constantly.

As you can very well see you don’t need a budget, an investor, capital, an office, a team, development skills, a programmer’s mind, business school degrees, business plans or brilliant ideas.

You only have to figure IT out and for that you need to workbench!

Now get to workbench!