Inspiration is a myth

The thing about inspiration is: it doesn’t exist on its own! It all starts with wishful thinking: Hope and action together result in Wishful Thinking All inspirational messages are wishful thinking made of hope and action. “Everything happens for a reason!”, … means: let’s hope there is a reason that will justify our self indulging actions. “Life is… Continue reading Inspiration is a myth

Why We Suffer

I think: There are only two things in life which cause genuine suffering: obsession and addiction. Subjective existence constantly passes through reality, fantasy, imagination, reason, will and action. It also goes the other way around passing through reality, action, will, reason, imagination and fantasy. Whenever we’re active we start by changing reality with some action,… Continue reading Why We Suffer

Free energy

i find it amazing how little we think of it We are bright creatures. If Fermi saw a truth, we might be the only bright creatures in an infinite space. We make nice smelling toilet paper. We make pocket size super computers. We spend so much and invest so big into futuristic space travel. We… Continue reading Free energy

4 directions to strive for in life

Strive for health instead of money. Strive for time instead of achievements. Strive for people instead of things. Strive for relationships instead of networking. Because the things on the left side will make you a healthy, free, kind and loved human while the things on the right will make you rich, accomplished, wealthy and known… Continue reading 4 directions to strive for in life