Free energy

i find it amazing how little we think of it

We are bright creatures. If Fermi saw a truth, we might be the only bright creatures in an infinite space. We make nice smelling toilet paper. We make pocket size super computers. We spend so much and invest so big into futuristic space travel. We make an Internet of things. We build information systems that we could only dream of, just a few years back. But we only fiddle in exotic military projects with inventing universal and abundant energy.

Among all the things we could invent, the single one that would change the world forever is free energy. For energy to be free it has to be abundant, infinite and ecological.

But what does free energy mean for the world?

First, from free energy, comes free food. But not any food will be free, only the state subsidized one. We will still need subsidies, because just the energy is free, the rest of the stuff is not. And it will be vegetable food. Having access to abundant energy will allow us to grow plants in close cycles, forever.

Then, with free energy all the industrialized part of the world will have free transportation. With no cost for fuel and low maintenance costs, the rest will be affordable for state subsidy. This particular subsidy will be granted for electoral reasons in no time.

Also, free energy will make housing cheaper. Building houses will be cheaper. With free energy you can heat and cool, no matter the insulation. Renting will be cheaper too for the same reasons.

With free energy global travel will be consolidated. Tourism will get a new dimension as mobility rates will sky rocket.

There will still be a lot of things that do not become free. Also free energy in a free market will not drive prices down. It will bring inflation up at first, then after some regulation, prices will be very much normal. You will be able to buy just as much as you can today.

Some things will still be as priceless as they are today: work and land. For any service you’ll still pay. The land will be even more expensive as the energy requirements of home ownership will fall.

So what will be the big change about? If you still work and the free food is crappy, then this free energy thing doesn’t sound like much fun, right? Not exactly. Free energy means humans will finally have a life of options instead of a life of constraints.

Free energy is when people will retire early,
without a life of sacrifice first.

Free energy is the turning point when poverty is out and a “greater good” is not an utopia anymore.

It is when you can spend your youth being young, your childhood being childish. It is when you actually want to be a grown up. Maybe I am idealistic, maybe free energy is impossible. But it should be something we definitely strive more for.

Free energy will cut down on misemployment. It is giving society a chance to make more use of the human life. The problem with unemployment is that we do anything to lower it. In a world where the lack of goal is more and more visible to the common person, having no work is high speed time warp to existential crisis.

If your house is heated or cooled for free, if there is some sort of nutritionally balanced food available for free, if you can have light at night, internet anytime, would you still spend your day out in the sun shedding marketing on the innocent?

Free energy is like minimum guaranteed income but without the injustice of giving away other people’s money. It is the chance to take your time and use it for personal advancement instead of the horrible routine required for stasis.

I wonder if the advanced states of the world shouldn’t consider this more than social welfare, i wonder if the churches of the world shouldn’t spend more on this than merely echoing worship over centuries.

But, it is impossible! Is it?

No it is not. This is not about making impossible, crazy, physics defying machines. This is about harnessing technology, about re-envisioning government assistance of human society, about discussing on the topic of welfare and thinking about whether providing free energy instead of free money isn’t a better future.