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  • If you will not have children

    Wanting children but not having them is not sad, it is depressive, that means it makes everything look like it doesn’t matter. It is a special kind of want which fucks you up. Maybe you will. Most people do, at least currently, have children. But maybe you won’t. If you won’t, can’t or don’t have […]

  • Big issues are show stoppers but small issues are show spoilers

    We tend to offer a lot of importance to big issues, and no importance to smaller issues. That means we’re made to withstand adversity, given adversity is grand, yet we’re also made to ignore adversity, given adversity is little. One can live with urinary infection and depression their whole life. We go over hardships and […]

  • I am grateful to be me

    Yes. Exactly as you read it. I have seen in my brief existence a lot of people. I am grateful to be me. I am grateful that I can let go. I’ve let go of everything that went too far away from me. This makes me light. I don’t have no special skill, I simply […]

  • Advice, Like News, Wasted In Your Feed

    “Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.” Here is some advice. I don’t know better than you, and I did not achieve the art of following my own advice. […]

  • Do you like yourself?

    Like, as a person and a human. Let’s say we make some androids to visit distant planets and, who knows, maybe meet the local intelligent lifeforms they might encounter there. Should your self be cloned and uploaded into an android visiting the universe on behalf of the human kind? Do you represent humanity? Should you? […]

  • There is no such thing as nature versus nurture

    The grand canyon of reflexive beings So I wanted to comment on the highlight above, but then this comment thing got my attention: There is also no evolutionary purpose to the in love feeling lasting longer than it takes to produce offspring, Sara Lynn Michener said in her article. And raise them, and provide for them, and […]

  • Women are not crazy, men are lazy

    I have found in my searches and learning that, apparently, the real history of mankind is built on various answers to the question of questions: what do women want? And somehow, almost always, the answer was power. My fellow men, you’ve been misguided and so have I. First, I am married for 15 years so […]

  • Love is not the answer

    Love is just one of the many facets of the human experience Behold! I’ve been summoned to mull over an idea. As I am used to tinkering with thoughts, mulling on ideas is a related pleasant activity. However, tinkering is synthetic, while mulling is analytic. The problem with analysis is that it is a time […]

  • Fun with concepts: love

    Lovers are those two providential meetings between two musicians who have a blast. I remember one of our local greatest artists, Gyuri Pascu, was once telling a story how once he had a jam with a female singer, and they sang so well, eye to eye contact, perfect pitch, unison chorus, that he realized that […]

  • Step into the loop

    I am made of things I know, about the things I know.If you strip away the things I know, about the things I know,I am left only with the things I know — which keep me alive, but I will not be me anymore,I will just be It. Many times I see the It. Many times I seethe me […]