Big issues are show stoppers but small issues are show spoilers

We tend to offer a lot of importance to big issues, and no importance to smaller issues. That means we’re made to withstand adversity, given adversity is grand, yet we’re also made to ignore adversity, given adversity is little.

One can live with urinary infection and depression their whole life.

We go over hardships and never look back.

We go through rough times and never stop and consider what just happened.

We do that, given we’re not meeting big bad wolves.

However we are furless tropical creatures. Do you know why we lack fur? Because our big brains couldn’t stand it. It’s true, we have the most intricate critter detection system, millions of sensors fine tuned to detect the smallest of invaders crawling on our skin.

The raging panic triggered by some harmless bug, or worse some cold blooded creature, one which finds itself, by mistake, in contact with our skin, well that raging panic is a zero tolerance reaction. However we have not evolved this sense into our societies.


Because we do not love each other. We are not a single humanity glued together by the absurdity and beauty of our existence. We don’t love each other and because of that we don’t want to share a greater skin, the skin of the body of the world.

We rip through it.

Hence we never detect the small critters. The worlds we build deal with the big issues and are systematically taken down by small issues: the handful of naturally occurring sociopaths that end up leading us into killing each other, the natural envy that tears all communities apart eventually, the normal insecurity that opens our souls to the merciless whims of the powerful.

Where are our zero tolerance reactions when we need them?

All the small things no one has time for. “I ain’t got no time for that”. There are wolves and dragons out there. Better watch out.

In the meantime, our children get ready to pay our debt, and we don’t care. We care too little. We don’t care enough to stick to our guns. To be over sensitive. To kill the critters in a fit of rage and manic haze.

How can you just go on? Don’t you feel the slime dripping on your skin? The slime of forbidden reality? The millions of tickling insects of the exploitation that’s using you? How can you be so numb? Why do you go on and act every day following your script and shutting me up because I am a bore?

And yet you mercilessly kill a poor ant which the wind has blown on your shoulder, disgusted that your’re wiping your fingers off the dead ant’s guts on that grass which looks up at you in big awe of your impossibly quiet ignorance.