Six reverse advice

1. Before you believe — learn how to pray
Belief is a permanent state rooted in prayer. The other way around, if the prayer is rooted in belief, you’re only playing a trick on life, a way of cheating the experience by removing yourself from it, by proclaiming your divine ancestry and complaining about the temptation of the world. Mind that life will always outbid you if you try to trick it. Belief is rooted in prayer because prayer is how your ego speaks to your identity, a search for a reply, a scream of the pain of being aware of your solitude.

2. Before you shut up — learn how to talk
Being silent doesn’t make you a wise human. Just a silent one. Only when you open your mouth and bear the consequences of your speech, does your silence gain any value.

3. Before you earn — learn how to spend
Most of those who squander fortunes fall into the trap of wasting because they don’t know how to spend, that is why with consistence and persistence one can learn what worth means which is learning how to spend.

4. Before you think — learn to write
By learning to write you will enter a self discovery process. Writing is the true way of externalizing your inner voice, not speaking! And when you read what you write, you will start to make more sense of yourself. That in turn will help you think better because your identity will be more silent in your head.

5. Before you try — learn to give up
Give up claims! Give up expectations! Give up control! Only after — try. Trying without learning to give up can be extremely tiresome.

6. Before you live — learn to die
Acknowledge that life is not eternal. Pay attention to each and every day, and don’t forget you’re speeding into a sudden end, don’t forget that your generation too shall pass like all those before it. This acknowledgement is the true drug that makes one high on life.

7. Love me, I dare you,