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  • It is Not OK to be a content consultant, an online content marketer, a personal development…

    As any of the above you have a direct vested interest in people quitting their jobs, following their dreams, starting up companies, as many as possible, loosing sight of the immediate to focus on some hazy future success, feel under appreciated, feel like they’re lost, feel like a failure, feel bad in general, or mediocre. […]

  • Six reverse advice

    1. Before you believe — learn how to prayBelief is a permanent state rooted in prayer. The other way around, if the prayer is rooted in belief, you’re only playing a trick on life, a way of cheating the experience by removing yourself from it, by proclaiming your divine ancestry and complaining about the temptation of the […]

  • What God should have done on the 7th day

    Instead of resting. I mean seriously, why would God need rest anyway? Who are we kidding? The truth is God was gone on the seventh day, probably attending to Her other billion projects, leaving the universe in this unfinished state. He hasn’t been seen around since, so, with six days of divine attention, we’re blessed with […]

  • 3 simple components of living

    The experience of life, living, has three main components: pleasure joy happiness. Happiness is a goal, joy is a consequence and pleasure is an effect. You have to achieve happiness, joy is determined by collaborating factors and you may obtain pleasure. The natural state in life is the opposite of the experience: If you don’t […]

  • A skill scale for developers

    An unruly take on the notion of performance In building this scale of skill, the units I am considering are as follows: Amount of effort — the quantity of individual time (based on a pondering coefficient) that the person is spending on the test task. Outcome — how much procentually did the person accomplish from the assignment. Cadence — how often […]