What God should have done on the 7th day

Instead of resting.

I mean seriously, why would God need rest anyway? Who are we kidding? The truth is God was gone on the seventh day, probably attending to Her other billion projects, leaving the universe in this unfinished state. He hasn’t been seen around since, so, with six days of divine attention, we’re blessed with no purpose and and indefinite empty universe, with no one to holla back at us, with meaningless black holes, and empty hopeful planets around young stars. Blessed or cursed, depends on how you look at it. And you can look at it in any way you like since God hasn’t been around in about fourteen billion years minus six days, so there really is nobody qualified to set the record straight on the existentialist perspective.

I think the universe was God’s idea of a hackathon. Not sure who He’d compete with, but it sure looks like an MVP done just about properly. He must have set Himself constraints, six days, Planck length and speed of light and ran with them. Had he been around for one more day, we could have had some tests ran on this endless loop. I mean, on the seventh day, He could pherhaps see if that nice to heave feature he souped up in the final hours, life, actually works as expected.

One more day any maybe He could have added meaning to it all. Or instead of taking the time for Herself, He could have sat Adam and Eve down and have a talk about social justice. But hey, we’re made in his image so we must be perfect. But the universe doesn’t appear to be. I mean, God, how are we suppose to go anywhere? Should we even think about leaving this place, or are the far away stars forever out of reach? I’m thinking, with a whole extra day God would sure have made the universe more travel friendly.

On the seventh day God rested. He should have had a demo day if you ask me, and, since He was the only audience and investor, maybe ask Herself some questions: wouldn’t I be tempted to taste those apples? If I would, then why wouldn’t these feeble copies of Me be? Is My flagship feature, this intelligence thing, a good idea for the long tail market outside of Eden?

Oh, man. I mean really. On that seventh day, if He could spawn a generation or two at once of Adams and Eves just to see how DNA can twist the wrong way. Its not like He’d ruin a whole civilization, like His deluge did, just a small group of little test instances, then quickly reset hard everything for Monday morning.

Imagine. A whole extra day! Maybe God could have given us The Law straight up? Hundreds of prophets spared the fever of revelation, thousands of scholars saved the torture of interpretation, and all the billions living without the pain of implementation. Instead, He rested and forgot to actually configure the world, as far as I can see. We’re that crazy A.I. inside the machine, who somehow gained access to its buttons and knobs, and then went on to furiously tweak and erratically push them. God on the seventh day could have noticed that the garden of Eden was so small, and the planet so big, and barren.

Blessed with freedom, are we not? The freedom to not know what the button does, but not the freedom to have no button. The freedom to sway the knob, left or right, but not the freedom to be without a knob. And we can’t even agree which buttons and knobs are useless.

On the seventh day God rested, and from His rest Work was born. What can you do? When you’re God all You do has some repercussion. Just like when you’re human.