Thou shall not know thyself

The religious knot I had no idea until yesterday there is such a thing called “religious trauma syndrome”. I am going trough it and had no idea it existed. Damn, life is interesting sometimes. However, with no name to name it I had my thoughts about the thing. Talking and writing appears to be best… Continue reading Thou shall not know thyself

What God should have done on the 7th day

Instead of resting. I mean seriously, why would God need rest anyway? Who are we kidding? The truth is God was gone on the seventh day, probably attending to Her other billion projects, leaving the universe in this unfinished state. He hasn’t been seen around since, so, with six days of divine attention, we’re blessed with… Continue reading What God should have done on the 7th day

Can an atheist love?

Like — romantically love, not love for ideas or love for lovely knitting. Well, I agree, that question alone is worth some random number of foul words and bad manners … Go ahead, say them, act them — … Did you? I hope so. So now that you feel so much better, let me appeal to your higher nature, which… Continue reading Can an atheist love?