Are you wondering?

Doesn’t the Internet solve the representativity problem? Will we continue to need a handful of “special” people to “represent” us? Shouldn’t we all already be political actors in society having power, real power into the back pockets of our trousers?

Can’t we just disrupt the government already? Didn’t technology already shake the establishment enough so that we witnessed its flawed design and profound limitations?

We don’t really require representation like we used to anymore. Every question can be answered instantly. We need to hire people as a society who actually are paid to execute on plans that we collectively agree upon.

We don’t really require years and years of so called “political stability”. The distributed financial systems promise to break us free from the whims-of-people disguised as “markets”, so political stability is a term forced upon society as a mere convention in the end.

Truth be told, programmers should implement laws. The whole corpus of laws should be a working software. Parliaments would devise specifications for laws and they’d get implemented as execution plans and algorithms. Probably the best use of TDD ever.

Can an machine learning devise better laws? I mean, given a situation, isn’t it predictable what laws we should devise based on our past set of existing laws?