Tag: Programming

  • Brainstorming is for solutions, not for ideas.

    What headline should I use? A story about a camel? Here is why: people don’t gather around the campfire, buckle up for smarty pants time and start throwing ideas into the air! People tell stories around the campfire. Also, families don’t sit at dinner, put the genius hat on and emit weasel ideas to each other, […]

  • How to code

    The computer is an asshole Learning to program a computer is a lot like talking to a person you’ve barely met. You are kinda awkward for a while, they are also a bit of holding back on emotions and both of you try not to screw it up. When you program a computer you will write […]

  • When to Delete Everything

    Did you notice how we create complexity to solve complexity? I did, and then I wanted to delete everything. Tabula rasa means blank slate. It is coming from the requirement of erasing by melting the layer of wax used to write things on back in the Roman days. In time it has transcended this mundane […]

  • Are web developers any good in times of war?

    Does CSS have any worth for an army officer? I personally guess not, from the front end we’ll end up directly on the front! If all your skills are about HTML and CSS you future might be bleak. Maybe some colonel will want a personal website, i don’t know like a thumbnail gallery of AK […]

  • Coding shall be another solved problem

    What will be to [web] development what the phone was to photography? Machine Learning Lauren Mendoza said it right in her Coding is over rant. But because she has the beginner’s view all over her sentences everyone got so so so mad. The problem why coding is over is not CRUD, frameworks, CMS’s or because […]

  • Tech recruitment works like figure skating competitions

    And it sucks. Here is why. First you must do the arbitrary sport exercises, which have very little to do with actual skating: a lot of jumping, twisted jumping, jumping on one leg, jumping on the other leg, grab a person and throw it in the air, you know, like all these things which do […]

  • Are you wondering?

    Doesn’t the Internet solve the representativity problem? Will we continue to need a handful of “special” people to “represent” us? Shouldn’t we all already be political actors in society having power, real power into the back pockets of our trousers? Can’t we just disrupt the government already? Didn’t technology already shake the establishment enough so […]

  • What does being “alive” mean?

    There has been a great deal of discussion about artificial intelligence and the potential dangers it poses to humans. Then there have been countless iterations of interpreting via stories moral lock downs such as robot rights, slave robots, artificial will and so on. But the main question regarding A.I. is when exactly does A.I. become […]