Positive thinking means to see the full half of the glass, not to ignore the empty half.

Any human is at the center of its universe. Not the universe in general, its own private, small one. In this imaginary space, no one can talk or think objectively about their self.

When we look inside in introspection we cannot avoid being purely subjective. It is an effect of existing — i think therefore I am makes me entirely incapable of being objective in describing myself. This happens because any objective evaluation might prove that I don’t exist, so we avoid that at all costs.

For handling the inherent human subjectivity, you need to know and accept thyself. This contains subjectivity in our private unverses and allows a birds eye objective view from the real universe.

For so many years people pressured other people into thinking positive. We’ll see a spontaneous fusion of atoms from so much pressure. The idea that we should imagine unicorns together doesn’t make happy people. Unicorns rather breed folk in a state of trance, a state where ignorance is a divine idol made of gold, and rainbows.

Positive thinking means to see the full half of the glass, not to ignore the empty half.

The full half of the glass is what you already have, so that you can go and fill the empty half.

The ignorance triggered by positive thinking makes one refuse emotions in fear of “the negative”. This means shutting off. It is true that you feel as you think, and you think as you feel, but you should pay attention to these associations: a positive thought can beget a negative emotion, and that’s OK.

For example, you want to make a nice gift to someone and you come up with an awesome but unorthodox surprise. At first you will get an uncomfortable feeling. But it’s normal because all lack of conformity feels bad. This uncomfortable feeling is how you perceive the expectations that others have on you. You feel embarrassment. Embarrassment is the empty half of the glass. Yet you know that the surprise will count more than conformity and the recipient will love it. Joy is the full half of the glass.

Other times you are so thrilled by some object — usually some “iObject”. You’d pay any price for it. But then you stop and evaluate the object’s real value. The positive thinking dogma might make you think you are cheap. That you don’t “attract” money in your life! In reality though, the thrill is merely you perceiving the commercial manipulation. Your reasoning helps you escape this manipulation. Apparently the empty half of the glass has a purpose too.

Positive thinking comes packed with the belief that we make our own reality. That we create our reality. You might want to add a grain of salt to this one too. Although somewhat true, the idea has true power only if you can use it when you know what you want. But this is the last step:

6) To know what you want, you must know who you are.

5) To know who you are, you need to experiment.

4) To experiment, you need to free your self from conditioning.

3) To free your self from conditioning, you need to leave routine behind and become aware. Aware of every action and every thought.

2) To become aware, you need to live in the present.

1) To be present, you need to separate the past from memories and the future from consequences. For this first step you need to accept reality as it is and yourself as you are.

To accept reality, you must know reality. To know reality, you need lucid thinking, not positive thinking.

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