Tag: Spirituality

  • What a wonderful world

    I see trees of green, Legit I see them too, nice trees Red roses too, Yes, I have a few in my garden I see them bloom, I rarely get to see them bloom because I am so busy all the time. For me and you, Oooh. For me? I dont think they bloom for […]

  • Why there is no overnight success

    There is a simple process of becoming that is common to all people. This process is a spiral that gravitates around a central point, that thing we call transcendence. Transcendence is the end goal of our wondering. It is so no matter what we do, and it is not a spiritual thing, but a very […]

  • Religion without the dogma

    People should be free to go to hell. Any religious institution which is so heavily preoccupied with the greater good of humankind, that in effect takes away the right to go to hell, commits in its own turn a terrible sin against the divine inside each human, while the leaders of such an institution are directly […]

  • Love is not the answer

    Love is just one of the many facets of the human experience Behold! I’ve been summoned to mull over an idea. As I am used to tinkering with thoughts, mulling on ideas is a related pleasant activity. However, tinkering is synthetic, while mulling is analytic. The problem with analysis is that it is a time […]

  • The religious experience

    This is the knowledge: When I reason, I imagine; when I imagine, it manifests; when it manifests, I understand. This is heaven. When I am not afraid, I am guilty; when I am not guilty, I am proud; when I am not proud, I am afraid. This is hell. Both in the same place at […]

  • Positive thinking means to see the full half of the glass, not to ignore the empty half.

    Any human is at the center of its universe. Not the universe in general, its own private, small one. In this imaginary space, no one can talk or think objectively about their self. When we look inside in introspection we cannot avoid being purely subjective. It is an effect of existing — i think therefore I am […]