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  • Gutenberg, more than an editor, the future of web editing

    Did you or a friend ever start to move furniture around the house? For any reason. Like making more “space”, or adding order to chaos? Or removing clutter, unearthing things to throw away?  Did you, or a friend, got at the end of exhausting days of work only to realize that you solved none of […]

  • Actually, the world is eating software

    Aren’t we lovely when we’re delusional? Er, I mean all high on hope. When you think of software eating the world you imagine: an automated heaven, filled with people being paid for leisure time a symphony of orchestrated machinery, working for some hard coded greater good hidden, but constantly communicating, systems that combine streams of data […]

  • Apple Is The Fruit, Google Is The Tree

    This whole “apple” name thing, with the bite in that logo, you know it is about the biblical genesis, right? Yeah, I know you did, I was just making sure. If I was the biblical snake today, that’s how I’d make sure everyone takes a bite out of the fruit of knowledge: I’d make it […]

  • It is Not OK to be a content consultant, an online content marketer, a personal development…

    As any of the above you have a direct vested interest in people quitting their jobs, following their dreams, starting up companies, as many as possible, loosing sight of the immediate to focus on some hazy future success, feel under appreciated, feel like they’re lost, feel like a failure, feel bad in general, or mediocre. […]

  • Technology makes the common too uncommon

    or how common sense became luxury. I’m an ultra selective guy and I’m not proud of it. It grew into a genuine nightmare. That’s why I neither recommend, nor endorse, such an attitude. However for those who already have it, the end of the world might come faster than for the others. Why? Because the ubiquity […]


    THERE HAS BEEN AN ERROR. YOUR ENTIRE HISTORY IS DELETED. What? Deleted? This can’t happen. I fail to see how this will work. I mean, what if it’s me? What if suddenly I loose all my memory and wake up blank? YOU SHALL FACE THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS SETUP IN: 5 4 3 2 1 NULL.

  • Nothing beats experience

    Culture fit means shared experience Most things that we believe were “invented” by universities were actually discovered by tinkering and later legitimized by some type of formalization — N. Taleb, Incerto You know, I never care to know random things. Like that life saver when you write your PHP scripts: How is a PHP array implemented internally? Who […]

  • Capitalism versus humans

    Here is a story: A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said: “I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost.” I replied: “I am not sure, it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it, it fed the people who make […]

  • Ergo sum. That’s all we know.

    Unfortunately we don’t have direct knowledge on the first part, that is to say, I don’t have a direct knowledge of my own thinking because I am trapped in it. The moment my first thought appeared, it started to weave the layers of layers of personality, from the inside to the outside. I don’t know […]

  • Regret is a form of curiosity

    Today I had an epiphany. Oh, and Tim O’Reilly recommended a response of mine. And tweeted it. My ego is still convulsing. Have you ever heard the sentence: live a life without regrets? Did anyone ever encourage you to just do it, a person pushing you to take a chance on them, because in the […]