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  • Should cancer be celebrated when it hits the people you despise?

    It is not plainly wrong, that you can be sure of. There is a nice brain teaser in considering wether it is fair, right, correct and so forth to rejoice the imminent disappearance from the life time space continuum of some person, in this case John McCain. 1 First we have the basic tenant of when […]

  • Fed up with feed up

    So Gary Vaynerchuk does it again. He gave the world his branded recipe for mediocrity: document don’t create Well shit. This means, more cat photos and food with filters and listicles with 22 advice for every 22 year old. This means more people spewing into the world’s feeds their particular experience as a template for just […]

  • Black Mirror makes me want to scroll that Facebook feed into oblivion

    Is Black Mirror trying to scare or to scar? So I have finally gone through the entire available third season of Black Mirror. It’s been a sad journey. No, strike that, the damn thing got me downright depressed. I mean it. Sad. Not bad. High quality show, nothing to say here. It’s just that, damn, after […]

  • Social media hurts

    Is Medium a social media platform? I guess. I mean, sure we’re not called friends but hey, we spill our guts here and there are faceless but kind folk to spill back their guts, and we encourage each other and we hate each other, we sometimes call out on one another, we shoot praise and […]

  • So Holly Wood banned me. Does interactivity have such a high cost in 2016?

    When you get banned by the people you agree with you start thinking about your faith in humanity … I am reading her articles for as long as I am on Medium. There was a time when I was checking Medium, despite my anger on listicles, before users could be blocked, before the feed could be […]

  • The power of platforms is the control of discovery

    Look at this elizabeth tobey, have the patience please, it’s worth it: What kind of relevance algorithm requires adding the username of the author, if one searches for the exact title words? Discovery is the weapon platforms have against independent publishers. And that is why all platforms, Medium, @Facebook, @Twitter, @instagram etc., all migrate towards […]

  • Know thyself, the envy way

    If personal laissez faire and Facebook don’t reveal much about who you are: monitor your envy. You are those who you envy. You are the things you envy others for. Everything you envy is something that describes you. And everything you envy is at arms length, its just your actions separating you from those things, the Holly Grails others […]

  • Know thyself the Facebook way

    Here is a cool exercise for you. Go on Facebook. Find all kinds of pages and people and follow and like them. Then spend one hour a day interacting with your feed. The resulting feed will reflect yourself more than you know 🙂 Find 10 people that like whatever you hate. Find 10 pages about whatever […]

  • Know thyself the easy way

    Wait out your bad days, bad months and bad years. Don’t think deeper than the random thoughts of everyday. Imagine you’re all good. Not good, perfect. By the time one has a middle age crisis, you’ll be a solid human being with no doubts whatsoever, full of certainty, predictable and serene. You shall know thyself […]