Fed up with feed up

So Gary Vaynerchuk does it again. He gave the world his branded recipe for mediocrity:

document don’t create

Well shit.

This means, more cat photos and food with filters and listicles with 22 advice for every 22 year old. This means more people spewing into the world’s feeds their particular experience as a template for just about anyone in said world.

It means even more content to fill in distribution channels so that anything of real value, ya know the created stuff, gets such a tiny spot that it goes completely unnoticed in the real time world of today.

What happened to don’t write unless you have something to say? M, too harsh?

Well, we are currently executing a DDOS attack on our own world perception. I wonder when we’ll shut down. Everywhere you look there is a feed. The TV is a list of feeds, the Internet is a bucket of feeds, constant networking is a never ending feed, you face feeds of gossip, you try to ignore advertising an over the top aspirational feed and so on and so forth.

But consciousness is not born out of constant input but by input, internalisation and introspection. Nobody has any time left for the other two stages. Then we are shocked at the lack of empathy around.

I read very little of my Medium feed. I feel guilty for not reading some of my follower’s work as much as I should because they do great writing. But I take my time. For instance, if I am hit with a great personal story, I wait, maybe a whole month before jumping into the next article of “look what happened to me”. It takes time, but I know in the background there is a process which helps me update my world view from others’ shared experiences.

Information promiscuity has the same effect as sexual promiscuity: numbness. Don’t be fooled, I love promiscuity, it is a great outfit for the absurdity of existence. But you need to do it right and take care of not losing yourself.

I think Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice should not be followed by people who give a fuck about the future of this world. Shut the fuck up and create don’t document. Stop the flood of crap our minds constantly must handle.

Even on Facebook.