Did you think today about the fact that you are on an complex life planet which is rotating around a star?

Why Star Wars?

Why Interstellar?

Why Star Trek?

Everything is here. A habitable planet with amazing climate and millions of years of stability. A star exactly far enough to be cool and close enough to be warm. We get to see a star up close, every. single. day.

If you remove the names “Sun”, “Earth”, “Moon” you are basically a living breathing SciFi character, in a completely impossible to understand civilisation.

Everything is here. We’re living the dream.

It is night right now and this planet’s satellite put on a great show of reflecting light on this floor covered with at least twenty different plant species, the backyard of my house.

When the star will rise tomorrow we’ll get another spectacle of light. White light, perfect for our RGB retinas. This planet is awesome. I really wonder how we found it.

This planet in a mysterious corner of a random galaxy shaped like a sum of spirals is having politics, and weapons, and ancient artefacts, and …

It’s also home.