Know thyself the Facebook way

Here is a cool exercise for you. Go on Facebook. Find all kinds of pages and people and follow and like them. Then spend one hour a day interacting with your feed. The resulting feed will reflect yourself more than you know 🙂

Find 10 people that like whatever you hate.

Find 10 pages about whatever you find hugely outrageous.

Find 10 people or pages who post chain stories such as money for likes, fake charity posts and the kind.

Find 10 snake oil pages and like them. Doesn’t matter how skeptic you are do it.

Find 10 pages or people who post about aliens ruling the planet, reptiles impersonating Obama, etc, you know it when you’ll see it. Doesn’t matter you know its hoax.

Find 10 pages or people who post about faith. Try to find the ones who don’t post about snake oil and who don’t post about spiritual shamanism or miracle healing, but those how post about God, Buddha, Allah, Catholic faith, Orthodox faith, Jewish faith whatever. No matter how atheistic you are, do that.

Search for top notch scientific figures and places and follow them. Search for Neil DeGrasse, search for pages of NASA and CERN. See what Facebook suggests follow that, no more than 10 overall.

Find 10 major skeptics/atheists and follow them or like their pages. Start with Richard Dawkins Facebook will suggest the rest of the roster.

Follow or like contemporary musicians from mainstream music, about 10 of them. Follow or like 10 pages or people who post about classical music.

Look for people or pages posting about art. Look for Art, Ctrl, Del, for example then follow suggestions.

Please follow and like cats. There are so many cat resources. And dogs. And pandas. If you find animals with their own accounts, follow them.

Ok, you get the drill. On Facebook you can dive into whatever weirdness or outrageous thing you can think of. You can do it by simply clicking a button.

You can direct towards yourself the most diverse kind of information in the history of mankind. Do that.

Than browse around and see you feed evolve. Wait some months out and you’ll see that no matter how hard you cheat that it will end up showing less of some things and more of some other things. The more you use it and the more interactive you are the faster it will adapt.

There is no faster way to get and know thyself. Sure there is always travel and friends and adventure and love. But Facebook is free, simple, easy and always around. And it has the best, state of the art, people analyzing machines ever built. I don’t think even the NSA have such good profiling. Think about it, do you think spies and terrorists give away how they fancy nice dancing koalas, naaah.

We think that our Facebook profiles represent us. But no, it is the feed that tells the most about us. All those neural nets shouting: right back atcha!