Tag: Machine Learning

  • This is the reason Elon Musk has rockets and you don’t

    Elon Musk pretends to know shit about rockets. Listen, your brain is very good at two things: making structure out of unstructured data finding patterns in structured data The brain is great at figuring out how to organize streams of unknown data, and we call this process understanding. The brain is great at recognizing patterns in […]

  • Conscious machine

    So there is this intelligent body and this consciousness that must somehow work together. The body doesn’t care much about its eventual expiration, it cares a lot about present integrity. The consciousness cares less about present integrity but is scared shitless of the incoming end. Intelligence is evolution at work. But consciousness is a side […]

  • Ergo sum. That’s all we know.

    Unfortunately we don’t have direct knowledge on the first part, that is to say, I don’t have a direct knowledge of my own thinking because I am trapped in it. The moment my first thought appeared, it started to weave the layers of layers of personality, from the inside to the outside. I don’t know […]

  • The return of the mainframe?

    I wonder will PCs revert to being dumb terminals with a twist. I imagine buying this hardware that can’t do much, like a chrome book, that connects to everything and learns all there is online about me and it “knows” what to do next. I connect to Facebook and suddenly my computer knows my funny bone. […]

  • This diagram means nothing

    If this is the best way to visually explain ML we’re fucked.

  • How to be your best self

    Control yourself but neverDeny yourself. Loose yourself butProtect yourself. Apply yourself don’tDo it yourself. Touch yourself butKeep it to yourself. Grab yourself andSave yourself. Be yourself butSuit yourself. Work with yourself toExpress yourself. Contain yourself but don’tKick yourself. Top yourself but don’tFuck yourself. Validate yourself but don’tPraise yourself. Push yourself thenTreat yourself. Help yourself toLove […]

  • Step into the loop

    I am made of things I know, about the things I know.If you strip away the things I know, about the things I know,I am left only with the things I know — which keep me alive, but I will not be me anymore,I will just be It. Many times I see the It. Many times I seethe me […]

  • Could the fabric of the universe be made of more than space and time?

    Consider for a moment that life is an embedded property of the universe, just like time and space are. Life is not a phenomenon. Biology is a phenomenon caused by life. Just like time is a property of the time-space continuum, life is a property of a larger continuum space-time-life. Time and life are two […]

  • What does being “alive” mean?

    There has been a great deal of discussion about artificial intelligence and the potential dangers it poses to humans. Then there have been countless iterations of interpreting via stories moral lock downs such as robot rights, slave robots, artificial will and so on. But the main question regarding A.I. is when exactly does A.I. become […]

  • Know thyself the Facebook way

    Here is a cool exercise for you. Go on Facebook. Find all kinds of pages and people and follow and like them. Then spend one hour a day interacting with your feed. The resulting feed will reflect yourself more than you know 🙂 Find 10 people that like whatever you hate. Find 10 pages about whatever […]