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  • Could the fabric of the universe be made of more than space and time?

    Consider for a moment that life is an embedded property of the universe, just like time and space are. Life is not a phenomenon. Biology is a phenomenon caused by life. Just like time is a property of the time-space continuum, life is a property of a larger continuum space-time-life. Time and life are two […]

  • Everything needs to be explained and everything is there to fill a void.

    The problem is that after you calm down and meditate, after you understand everybody and nurture all your compassion feelings because “you get it”, people are still people. After you forgive and understand yourself, after you let go of the past and feel the connection to the present and wonder at the mystery of the […]

  • There are two ways of living; one is giving meaning to life and the other is giving meaning to death.

    We need to believe. We need to feel like death is not the end. but, the reality is it might very well be. Not the end in general, the end of you, whatever you are. I wish my mind will somehow preserve itself after death. I wish the hardly built personality made of so many lessons learned, […]

  • Right versus rational is a lie

    I think if people were given the choice between being rational and being right, they would choose to be right even if that risked sounding irrational. I think that is a seriously far fetched assumption. I also think this kind of assumption is the evil that poisons what is right. Splitting the two, the right […]

  • Poor misunderstood rationality

    Rationality is not gaming the system! Rationality is not about being smart! Rationality is not conning your way out of life! Rationality is the quality or state of being reasonable, based on facts or reason.[1] Rationality implies the conformity of one’s beliefs with one’s reasons to believe, or of one’s actions with one’s reasons for action. Wikipedia Being smart, even highly intelligent, does […]

  • The funnel of change

    There is an invisible funnel that doses the amount of change that the entire humanity is allowed. It is invisible not because of magic technology, nor conspiracy or miracles. It is invisible because nobody put it in place, so nobody is aware of it. This funnel is a naturally occurring effect of the strong affinity […]

  • Positive thinking means to see the full half of the glass, not to ignore the empty half.

    Any human is at the center of its universe. Not the universe in general, its own private, small one. In this imaginary space, no one can talk or think objectively about their self. When we look inside in introspection we cannot avoid being purely subjective. It is an effect of existing — i think therefore I am […]

  • Three human qualities that make a saint

    get them and the gates will open by themselves 1. Wisdom Here are the components of wisdom: grasp + insight = synthesis memory + association = expression synthesis + expression = wisdom Grasp is the ability to understand the domain, globally seeing all the connections between the intricate parts. Not everyone shares a strong grasp […]

  • 3 simple components of living

    The experience of life, living, has three main components: pleasure joy happiness. Happiness is a goal, joy is a consequence and pleasure is an effect. You have to achieve happiness, joy is determined by collaborating factors and you may obtain pleasure. The natural state in life is the opposite of the experience: If you don’t […]

  • Nothing is

    The meandering thoughts about the fabric of the universe itself (theory of everything) from some dude (me) who loves to think about it. Here is the gist: Mechanics describes space. Relativity describes time-space. Quantum physics describes time. The sole reason the theories don’t match is simply because they describe different things. At quantum level eveything […]