• On philosophy

    principles are rock, ideas are scissors and reality is paper. Principles are rock. A principle can ruin an idea. In this case self driving cars which by all current stats are a great idea (we all agree that they are way safer for most population than the flaky inattentive humans) can be crushed by the weight […]

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  • The meaning of life

    The reason for our existence is to defeat time, in life’s eternal battle with it. Each death, from a random cell to a random human, is the victory of time in a small battle with life. There is only one goal in evolution: to develop time resilient beings. General intelligence is a defense mechanism against […]

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  • You can do anything and you’re still unhappy?

    In this overwhelming social era when everybody advertises so aggressively their accomplishments and words like love, happiness, passion, obsession, beauty, artist or achievement are stripped of might and treated like garments for emptiness, you might get the crazy idea that something is wrong with you. Then the personal development trainer comes along, to help, and […]

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