Nothing is

The meandering thoughts about the fabric of the universe itself (theory of everything) from some dude (me) who loves to think about it.

Here is the gist:

  1. Mechanics describes space.
  2. Relativity describes time-space.
  3. Quantum physics describes time.

The sole reason the theories don’t match is simply because they describe different things. At quantum level eveything is hyper-local and space doesn’t exist. At relativity level everything is hyper-global and time is entangled with space because of the low resolution. In an ideal system where mechanics works time doesn’t exist, not for what it really is, in a Newtonian system time is just a mental construct.

It is all about time. Time is the quantum itself, time being the smallest thing possible.

The arrow of time is backwards. Time flows from the future towards the past. For any observer it means a constant flow of states that come from the future (all the possibilities) and move into the past (all the events) with a certain probability (the present) of some possibilities to beome events.

What we can perceive is only the present. Present states add up. Just like waves. All time wave function move in the same direction (future to past) so they cannot cancel eachother out.

What makes the present stable is that presents states add up and the future states have to flow through this mesh of present states. This is probability.

Energy is mass. Energy is the amplitude of the combined waves of time that formed the current present. When there is no present you get quantum fluctuation. Only here, in the void, can we have infinite possibilities, because the mesh of present states does not exist and thus the infinite absurdity of the void.

Time is the probability function that turns possibilities into events.

The future cannot be predicted. The future can be shaped by forming the right plumbing of present states so that the future flows through in the intended ways.

Time moves towards the past, while life moves towards the future. Because of this we are biased towards space and see it where it is not. At quantum level present states are ephemere because in order for us to measure we separate particles thus breaking them from the mesh of present states they normally belong to.

Our brain captures information about the current present state and through inference it finds what we call the future. But in fact what we call the future is simply the probability of the current present mesh to remain stable.

All pain is instability of this present mesh we constantly inquire reality about. Loose someone, the mesh is broken. Hurt yourself the mesh is broken. But there is no special property of the present. It is simply an effect of time itself being a wave, behaving like a wave and also being hyper-local — a really small closed loop constantly fetching possibilities and turning them into events.

Quantum particles describe the actual thing that “time” is. Time is not a single large system embedded into space time. The quantum activity does not exist in time but it is actually time at work.

At quantum level all the waves and the collapsed waves are actually bits of time that cause the present as particles and exist outside of the present as waves.

Feynman diagrams, for example, don’t describe something that exists outside of time on which time acts, they are actually description of a certain time function. Space results as an effect of the cycle. At a small enough level there is no space, there is only time. Smashing quantum particles are an intersection of function execution snapshots, the function being time.

The entropy that time favors is simply a consequence of the fact that time keeps moving from one set (the future) to another set (the past) and eventually the future set is consumed.

From time’s flow we get space. Space is a consequence of time as a super set of possibilities and events.

Possibilities are the set of values that the time function can take and they make up the future. Events are the set of values the time function outputs and they make up the past. The present is a random snapshot of the time function’s state in execution. The present is all we can measure on a particle.

This is the reason why the string theory works so well. It is not a correct description of reality but its a very good mathematical model of it. The “strings” it proposes are actually looping wave functions of time.

Mass exists only in the present.

Mass is pervasive and it can be measured only relatively to time. A black hole is a place where everything is in the present, everything happens at once. It is so because the present state grows so large that it engulfs all future possibilities and past events cannot form. We could say that singularity is a function that is caught in an infinite loop.

Time-space is a zoomed out view on the activity of time and its byproduct space. From this perspective, which happens to be our perspective, “the future” we think of is actually a multitude of futures and the past a multitude of pasts.

Space exists because time is hyper local. Time creates individual present states and the density of present states varies. Gravity exists because present states add up. The more matter you have the “bigger” the present is. Relativity is directly proportional to how many present states are in space. As mass exists only in the present, relativity is observed in relation to mass.

Classical mechanics works so well at some scales because there are regions of space where the present is so steady that time’s existence can be ignored. It is like a balance between the sizes of the two sets that time operates with: possibilities and events.

Dark matter is presents that were and dark energy is presents that could be. The pervasive Higgs boson will be found but only through its effects. While you can put a theoretical electron in a theoretical bottle, you cannot do the same with a Higgs boson simply because this particle is self referential, e.g. we try to detect and measure the present while being in the present.

Color and spin are parameters in the time function. Charge is a constant of the time function whose presence creates space..

Time is the unified field.

There it is.