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  • Why finding “10x” developers is so hard

    I work on web development projects for over 15 years and the biggest challenge has constantly been: quality human capital. It is really a weird situation, in a domain that is so technically inclined, where people face with problems that may boggle some of the greatest minds, to be set aside instead by problems of […]

  • When to Delete Everything

    Did you notice how we create complexity to solve complexity? I did, and then I wanted to delete everything. Tabula rasa means blank slate. It is coming from the requirement of erasing by melting the layer of wax used to write things on back in the Roman days. In time it has transcended this mundane […]

  • The Age Of Knowledge

    Everything you know is wrong, Because even if Some of the things could be right, Most are incomplete.

  • An offer with an anchor inside is called bait

    Anchoring is a cognitive bias that describes the common human tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information offered (the “anchor”) when making decisions. PON, Harvard And now, to wrap up our interview, may I ask you what is your current salary? No. Could you at least tell us the level of […]

  • The worst players of capitalism are companies in the labor market.

    Have you ever asked for a salary increase, and instead of negotiation you got hostility? Have you ever got a salary increase, but spent the next year out-proving yourself to justify the increase? Have you ever been told that the company only expects the best from you? Companies only expect the best, but they only […]

  • Cheaters always win

    If humans were honestly following nature’s rules, then we’d be long gone because of winter, our frail bodies and the millions of beasts wanting to eat us. But yet we had to play the game of life! Our solution? Cheating. That is what we humans do. We cheat. We make up new rules of the […]

  • I hate team buildings and after hours parties. I do. They suck.

    The old joke “mandatory fun” is true 100%. Why should anyone care to spend even more time in the same social setting after throwing the bulk of their week at it? I mean, if you can’t be friends, nice, helpful, human, with the people that help you feed your children, during at least forty hours a […]

  • The 5 stages of entrepreneurship

    Stage One: Drive What most people lack, and the reason we’re divided as a society between go getters and settlers, is drive. When you are driven, you suddenly have time. Why? Because you somehow make that time. When you are driven, you suddenly can . Why? Because you jump in. When you are driven, you suddenly find […]

  • Inspiration is a myth

    The thing about inspiration is: it doesn’t exist on its own! It all starts with wishful thinking: All inspirational messages are wishful thinking made of hope and action. “Everything happens for a reason!”, … means: let’s hope there is a reason that will justify our self indulging actions. “Life is an adventure!”, … means: hopefully I am […]

  • Big issues are show stoppers but small issues are show spoilers

    We tend to offer a lot of importance to big issues, and no importance to smaller issues. That means we’re made to withstand adversity, given adversity is grand, yet we’re also made to ignore adversity, given adversity is little. One can live with urinary infection and depression their whole life. We go over hardships and […]