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  • What is work ethic?

    You can’t teach someone work ethic. You can’t. “Work ethic is a belief that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character”, Wikipedia instructs. In my past 18 years of professional interaction with people, I found that work ethic is a deeply personal experience which […]

  • A surprisingly simple way to make good decisions

    A decision framework. To generate work is no challenge. Finding which work matters, and the right order of execution, is the real challenge. That is: deciding. It makes a lot of sense to think of a decision like a weight measuring of arguments and pick the side that is heavier or lighter. This is easy. […]

  • Things generally suck because of product innovation

    Here is a short theory. Product innovation is all the work which satisfies one of these two outcomes: A) it increases the size of the core user base B) it increases the amount of added value for the product This is it. Really. And you can see this in place at the current Behemoths of […]

  • How to quit a job you like

    There are two issues to mitigate when you want to give the bird in the hand for two in the bush: the risk of failure the opportunity cost The risk of failure means that there is no way to be sure you are going to be successful at the new job. Maybe you will, but […]

  • How to make better decisions:

    Why does Warren Buffet live in the same house he bought in 1958, despite his wealth? Why did Mark Zuckerberg buy all the houses around his property? Why did Bill Gates build himself the uber- home? Why did Richard Branson buy an island? Long story, short Your environment is decisive on the decisions you make. The […]

  • 4 Steps I Always Take To Fail

    Success is counted sweetestBy those who ne’er succeed.To comprehend a nectarRequires sorest need. I’m a failed entrepreneur, which makes me a great employee. I’m a failed implementer, which makes me a great architect. I have a track record of unsuccesful projects, which makes me a great analyst. I failed at so many things I basically lost […]

  • Brainstorming is for solutions, not for ideas.

    What headline should I use? A story about a camel? Here is why: people don’t gather around the campfire, buckle up for smarty pants time and start throwing ideas into the air! People tell stories around the campfire. Also, families don’t sit at dinner, put the genius hat on and emit weasel ideas to each other, […]

  • Opportunity Is What Happens When Luck Meets Preparation

    Take the other pill: Yet, who am I to argue with Seneca? I think, all opportunity is based on a weird arrangement of the universe, on a specific moment. I think, there is no opportunity without luck. This might well be the reason for ninety-nine in one hundred startups failing. And, it is a soothing fact for […]

  • Who should be a manager?

    Listen, I get it, you hate the word “p r o c e d u r e”. When you only hear about “procedures”, you get chicken pox. I just wanted to let you know it is just a word. A word is not harmful by itself. But I know, the founding fathers of our meritocracy […]

  • This is the reason Elon Musk has rockets and you don’t

    Elon Musk pretends to know shit about rockets. Listen, your brain is very good at two things: making structure out of unstructured data finding patterns in structured data The brain is great at figuring out how to organize streams of unknown data, and we call this process understanding. The brain is great at recognizing patterns in […]