Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not a hero

Did Finland miss out from not being a part of NATO? How about Austria, or France back in the day? No? Then, outside of political gambits, what is it that makes Ukraine being in NATO worth the deaths of so many Ukrainians?

The deaths of Russians can be explained, quite easily: NATO in Ukraine means the end of Russia’s place in the world. The US killed many of its own to not lose an inch of its world domination. Russia is doing the same. But why does Ukraine do it? Why did Zelenskyy choose this path and sent its people in a completely skewed conflict?

Ukrainians die for political ambitions, US expansionism and Russia’s inability to catch up with the rest of the world, not for “independence”.

The false hero Zelenskyy had so many years to figure out a better option rather than willingly sacrificing its people like this. What is “independence” anyway? Is my country, Romania, independent? There is not one single sovereign decision being taken! Budgets, laws, welfare, you name it! And I do not mean it in a bad way, it’s probably for the better.

Independence for small countries means “western” ambasadors publicly interfere even in the most basic internal affairs of the country. The country is just a label to a piece of land, and it bacomes that at an accelerated rate once NATO (cough U.S.) troops arrive. And I am not sad about it! I am far from being a patriot. I just can’t stand the bullshit! I can’t stand people sent to a losing war for a future sham.

“Independece” is just as last century of a concept as Russia’s “sphere of influence”.

Ukraine will too end up a deserted land of mafia, just like Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, with bought politicians, western ambassadors being openly involved and decisive in the “independent” country’s decision making, democracy being a sham, choosing between who has “permission” from US or EU to run. Why deserted? Because the EU is an endless vacuum of well paid jobs, good infrastructure, more liberal and generally more fun. It will be decades before the mass exodus of the people will stop. Funny enough, but those Ukrainians who actually like Ukraine will likely leave first.

Any country in the EU that has any sovereignty left is either on the right, nationalistic and protectionist: Poland, France, Hungary etc. The others are filthy rich and buy all the decisions. Where will Ukraine fit? How did Zelenskyy help Ukraine with his boneheaded decisions? Even if Russia loses the war, please stop with this hero leader bullshit. 

It is impossible for societies to catch up in current people’s lifetimes. Maybe, maybe!, future generations, but I cannot imagine the French or the Germans to want true competition, so despite the great E.U. systems in place, a true competitive economy with a great national definition can only be the exception, not the rule.

Ukraine in NATO means the end of Russia’s place in the world.

Literally, not Putin’s Russia, Russians Russia. Russia is not like other countries. Without political clout and menacing force the federation will fail. With it the natural resources will be gone. With them the money will disappear. With the money gone, Russia will be a memory of a country once existing. The U.S. federal state is challenged by a mere demagogue like Trump, can you imagine what happens to the Russian federation with U.S. controlled puppets running the show?

Oh, but Putin is the invader. This is moot. Of course he is. Of course Russia has to pay a hefty price for this move. Of course the price, we hope, will push Russia a bit out of the autocratic system, maybe. But I suspect if Putin dies, Russia will still not be a democracy but an autocracy friendly to US corporate interests. 

Let’s face it, the only independent countries are those who matter in terms of geo-strategic influence, or economic powerhouses. Economic powerhouses though are so dependent on the dollar that they matter less and less. Ukraine does not matter once it picks a side.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not a hero. He is an item of oppression used by those who find themselves on the right side of history at this time of history.

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