I want Apple to have the courage for a matte screen

Is that too much courage? Oh wait, in fact there is no such thing, it’s only cost optimisation and packaging design.

I find it unacceptable to buy a ten dolla’ sticker to make useable all these “pro” devices . This is nonsense. People who use their 3k laptops for showing off and entertainment are the vast majority. Of course if you ask the market you’ll get the obvious answer that glossy is “what people prefer”. That is a stupid argument, though. The people you ask do not spend 7 days a week, 10 hours a day focusing their eyes in and out to the reflection of themselves.

I used to have a Toshiba portable with matte, five years ago and got it replaced by the company with a Mac. I already had an iMac at home. Yet, was a non retina non laminated screen which simulated the reflectiveness of an old CRT.

Staring at the glossy retina made my head hurt, my focus drop and my eyesight only last for 30 minutes.

I fiddled with brightness, white point, warmth, the position in my room, you name it – to no noticeable result. I had the same issue using my iPad and my iPhone, but less annoying because I use those devices less. Until one day I got the matte sticker. OMG! I can focus and look at the damn screen for as long as I want. I can work outside, in the shade, with full brightness, which before was literally painful. The difference is staggering.

Do you have the courage to buy a five dolla sticker and try matte? Maybe you’ll like it! Then, when the marketing at Apple “asks the market” they get the answer which makes their courage work:

“Yes, we’ll buy your damn matte screen laptops and devices, you cowards!”

I have no idea if a mega expensive Moshi matte sticker is better than the cheap five dolla’ one I got. I live at an edge of the world, where I have to wait two weeks and pay half the price for shipping for such a luxury product.

This plastic thing makes my life so much better … I expect it should have been an option from the first trillion dolla’ company in the world: a five dolla’ coating!