The people who buy the Pixels are to blame for our privacy voes

An opinion.

Google and Facebook live and breathe privacy sold to advertisers, governments and manipulative systems of mass deception. Old news.

However, for business purposes, I wonder, how much tracking and fingerprinting is enough? Do businesses actually want to strip the consumer of any kind of cognitive effort? Then what kind of experience is that? If I get to want something because systems know I will want it, what kind of commercial experience is this?

Anyway, back to the point in the title, this whole privacy business, I understand it: I am the product, OK. But what I don’t understand is why do I choose to be the product when I can clearly afford to not be the product? The people who buy the Pixels clearly affort to not be the product.

Is buying into the Google surveilance a kind of kink? If yes, awesome, but if not, why spend the a premium on things which are available at the same quality without the mandatory privacy invasion? What is the rationale?

You like Android? 🙂 Really, beyond personal preferences, this is not an objective measure simply because devices don’t have that many distinctive features because of the operating system.

You like the experience? Good. but why do you encourage all this bad behavior by buying their premium offers? Just buy some feature phone subsidised by ads and enjoy.

If we keep throwing money at these companies that sell our souls for pennies and then ask them to not be evil what chances do we stand anyway? I mean, I know their money making machine relies on efficient targeting and converting ads, but what else is there to know? How much are you willing to let outthere about you?

Anyway, just an opinion.