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  • The people who buy the Pixels are to blame for our privacy voes

    An opinion. Google and Facebook live and breathe privacy sold to advertisers, governments and manipulative systems of mass deception. Old news. However, for business purposes, I wonder, how much tracking and fingerprinting is enough? Do businesses actually want to strip the consumer of any kind of cognitive effort? Then what kind of experience is that? […]

  • My Apple lock down because of Google’s greed

    So I have three devices from Apple currently serviced, all three bought last year. My iPhone SE’s touchID stopped working, my iPad Pro 10.5 started to feature white spots on the screen, and today my “made to order” iMac 21″ shut down all by itself and won’t power up anymore. What is this? What are […]

  • Apple Is The Fruit, Google Is The Tree

    This whole “apple” name thing, with the bite in that logo, you know it is about the biblical genesis, right? Yeah, I know you did, I was just making sure. If I was the biblical snake today, that’s how I’d make sure everyone takes a bite out of the fruit of knowledge: I’d make it […]

  • It’s Samsung’s fault for Apple’s shitty products

    Listen, there currently is no “next big thing.” Internet of shit. The “cloud” of no server admin. Ai. Yes, no capital “i” there. Voice Assistants. Text Assistants. Seriously? Everybody is busy crunching numbers, to analyse the present and predict the future, in an industry made by geeks to pleasure simpletons. The iPhone, with all its […]

  • Why Apple is wrong, even if innocent

    I fully support the EU Commission’s decision about Apple, even if, in the end, Apple or the Irish officials will win the appeal. There is a tremendous good and positive social message sent by the EU Commission, on making the Irish government take back from Apple the tax it itself helped to eschew. It is absolutely […]