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  • I want Apple to have the courage for a matte screen

    Is that too much courage? Oh wait, in fact there is no such thing, it’s only cost optimisation and packaging design. I find it unacceptable to buy a ten dolla’ sticker to make useable all these “pro” devices . This is nonsense. People who use their 3k laptops for showing off and entertainment are the […]

  • Things generally suck because of product innovation

    Here is a short theory. Product innovation is all the work which satisfies one of these two outcomes: A) it increases the size of the core user base B) it increases the amount of added value for the product This is it. Really. And you can see this in place at the current Behemoths of […]

  • 4 Steps I Always Take To Fail

    Success is counted sweetestBy those who ne’er succeed.To comprehend a nectarRequires sorest need. I’m a failed entrepreneur, which makes me a great employee. I’m a failed implementer, which makes me a great architect. I have a track record of unsuccesful projects, which makes me a great analyst. I failed at so many things I basically lost […]

  • The uncanny problem with autonomous AI

    P = NP is a simple and short notation for a problem that “asks whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified by a computer (NP) can also be quickly solved by a computer (P)”. P = NP means yes, P != NP means no. The golden rule is NP. A moral compass is P. The […]

  • Black Mirror makes me want to scroll that Facebook feed into oblivion

    Is Black Mirror trying to scare or to scar? So I have finally gone through the entire available third season of Black Mirror. It’s been a sad journey. No, strike that, the damn thing got me downright depressed. I mean it. Sad. Not bad. High quality show, nothing to say here. It’s just that, damn, after […]

  • My human blind spot

    there is only one goal in evolution, to develop time resilient beings. I woke up this morning and I stepped into my bathroom, eager to freshen up and start my new day with aplomb. Flowing from the ceiling, my newly set up naturally yellow light was swiping softly on my face and hands. You see, […]

  • The hubris of living in the present

    We live as if we’ve made it. We act as if we’ve evolved the problems, and now we’re thriving in the midst of the soft comfy solutions we’ve found. But the fact of the matter is we didn’t. The fact is we’re expendable. Just like our forefathers were, so are we, and probably many a […]

  • Why you should be bored of this revolution

    It is the time of doers. It’s gonna take a while for the age of thinkers to come again. Every success story today is more about accomplishing what we call “wealth creation”, and less about what we call “good creation”. Sure, maybe you are one who thinks that today is everything, that we are at […]

  • Slack is boring, barebones, hype, lazy and rude

    I don’t understand thid whole Slack glorification. I mean, really, everyone is behaving liks it’s a damn second coming of productivity! What has productivity got to do with it anyway? It’s a messaging app. Don’t get me wrong, I championed the adoption of slack at the company I work with. I like it. But the […]

  • People! Growth is not disruption!

    Just look at this “exciting” slide (if there can be such a thing) i found in my LinkedIn feed: We are so thrilled this is happening but: do we have the economic theory to explain what is going on? is capitalism in good shape as a theory and economic formula to sustain this future where […]