Power is sugar

Peter Douglas Molyneux is the creator of Black and White. In a hot summer night I was left alone with a computer, coffee and this game. After about seven hours of gameplay, I remember walking in a complete rush into the bedroom, and waking up my wife shouting from the top of my lungs: I’m EVIL, I’m EVIL, oh my God babe, I’m eeeeeviiiiiil!!!. I was so convinced: I was evil.

Three months in the snow for a random crowd. People literally freeze in support of a state secretary. A state secretary! A state secretary is a major beaurocrat. No one ever got popular support in the street while being a major … beaurocrat. We should all hate these, right?. Yet, he is the first of his kind. But, few years later, when 54 people died under his watch he walled himself behind the apparatus, just like a true powerful bureaucrat. He was shown a fake working system and he chose to believe it.

Two lane strets fit two roman chariots with some room left to maneuver. I am stuck in an two hour long trafic jam. Like the blessed breath you took when you challenged your kid friends to the esteemed breath holding competition, so does my turn to make a right arrive. As I relax in the zen of moving away from the jam, suddenly I realise there is a biker on the imaginary third lane. I press the pedal, off I go, but wait! the biker dude screeches his wheels and, in a second, he zaps in front of my car. I brake, I squeeze my hands on the wheel, I say unspeakable words about the biker’s mom, my zen gets drained. However I keep a link open to the astral plane and shift my mood to better terms with the dude. Increasing zen. Back in traffic. A couple dozen meters ahead behold!, the asshole pops right back in front of me, but this time: from the sidewalk! Break! Eschew! Swear! Breathe! Meditate! Curse! There, there, easy boy. Deep breath. Wait a minute …

Power is an action. Power means you can do. If you cannot abstain from doing, and when doing you do just because you can do, you are corrupt. But when power corrupts you, it will be your most humanised moment in life, that moment when you willingly and knowingly choke down your divine self and you act like the paranormal chimp evolution made of your big ape ass, a chimp who can, sees that it can and does simply because it can, without any superior involvement of thinking or feeling.

Power corrupts.

In our everlasting sad blindness we believe that power is held by kings, presidents, leaders of secret organisations, chief executives of bottomless multinational corporations, Batman, Spiderman or their foes. In fact each of of us is powerful: that biker was powerful because he had just two wheels and I had four, so he could roll on an imaginary lane and on the sidewalk, and he did; the God I played was powerful because I got freaking lighting spweing from my hands and zapping my adversary and I did; powerful is the woman born with sex appeal because she gets unconditional attention and she does; powerful is a gangster whose friends take him ahead with no merit and he gets ahead; powerful is a priest who has a skill but behaves as if he has a gift.

What does being corrupt mean?

It means you break. You are no longer mind, body and soul, but solely a body with half a mind. You ignore the other half of the mind and you send you soul to a long walk, because who needs a soul?

Seriously, don’t you see, I can? I can! I can.

Humans like their power more than they like their good or their God.