Give up myself?

question every single definition, theory, concept, and practice you have inherited that tells you how to think, behave, emote, or interact with others.

Karen Kilbane

But what am I left with? Who gives me back the time I waste on questioning everything? Why do I have to know all these things? Who will reward me for passing on so many Netflix and Chill and pizza and hanging out and stargazing? Why do I have to understand everything and why isn’t there someone to just tell me how it is and what to do? I am not lazy, I am just insecure. Who am I to decide on important matters? Why do I have to make up ways to think, behave, emote, or interact with others and why the old ones aren’t good all of a sudden?

understand that from a personal vantage point, every single solitary person thinks they are correct in how they assess and conclude.

Karen Kilbane

No, I always doubt myself. Of course the reasons I doubt myself for are perfectly legitimate and because I doubt myself I have the right to pass judgements onto all others. My conclusions therefore are made with great caution to maintain my internal order inherited from well proven tradition.

reject the idea some people are more enlightened, spiritually or otherwise.

Karen Kilbane

What about Einstein? Do you mean to tell me Einstein was like me or you? Or what about Elon Musk? Or Osho? Or the Buddha himself, or Jesus. I am not even near that level of understanding, those people just knew how things are because they are geniuses or special spiritual beings.

be brave. Letting go of cherished practices and beliefs is like letting go of a loved one.

Karen Kilbane

But who will love me if I let go? Who is there to tell me I am good and nice when I leave the loved one? What is the reward for my braveness?

There is someone in the comments here who thinks being aggressive works wonders. Another one who takes it all first person. Some others who delve into a whole network of adjacent subjects.

How to explain all this great advice without triggering self defence or fear of the unknown?

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