Why Do We Diss Day Dreaming?

Why is that mr. Dumbledore? Is it because we need to go to work everyday? Is it because I must burn calories intensively for some moral reason?

I mean dwelling on dreams is just as much living as any other part of living because if I am dead I will not dream anymore. At least I will not day dream, that is a dream that prevents me to, you know, enjoy the absurdity of existence.

Even so. They say this is how God works through us, in making us create something meaningful from every crazy meaningless random event that happens. Well, if it so, then ever more day dreaming is to be highly regarded.

You know why I think this message is touted so relentlessly?

Because since immemorial times the leading caste held knowledge to be power. And knowledge is accessed by mind. And idle dwelling on dreams is what sharpens the mind. Idle dwelling on dreams is what creates better future, brighter alternatives, utopias and, why not, in it worst shape, hope.

Today we’re in an age of doers, not an age of speed, an age of haste, a time when everyone wants to squeeze everything that can be squeezed from what we have, from democracy, from war, from dictatorship, from capitalism, from progress, from love, from children, from adults, from sex, from relationships, from careers, from leisure, everything is becoming dry and plasticky. From advice to all inclusive everything is prepackaged and meant to be recycled.

Dwelling on dreams is the best thing humans so. We need thinkers, as much as we need doers. Take for example the fact that 9 in 10 startups fail, the way forward is not to make three billion startups, because what comes out of that is 10% personal success stories, not progress. For progress we need to think about a world, an economy, a society, where only 8 in 10 startups fail. Then 7 in 10. And so on, all the way until we reach the number where bad ideas, lack of commitment or lack of work are the only things that kill startups.

Dwelling on dreams is what weaves stories and if we loose the dreamers we’ll loose our story, the story of humanity in the grand story of our universe. What is then living for?