Tag: Philosophy

  • The Beatitudes And The Samsara

    How Jesus described karma and dharma in a few sentences Oh, hard brain stretch ahead. This is a sort of a brain fever but, a while ago, it broke a lot of conditioning inside me, which the baptism I never asked for instilled. So, we’re at the top of the carousel, here we go. Blessed […]

  • Love is not the answer

    Love is just one of the many facets of the human experience Behold! I’ve been summoned to mull over an idea. As I am used to tinkering with thoughts, mulling on ideas is a related pleasant activity. However, tinkering is synthetic, while mulling is analytic. The problem with analysis is that it is a time […]

  • Carpe the damn diem

    Good guys finish last because the bad guys have stolen carpe diem. The best thing general intelligence put into humans is our humor and sense of fucking up. We know when we blunder the hell out of things and we find it amusing. The saddest people are those who don’t allow themselves the good laugh at […]

  • Fun with concepts: love

    Lovers are those two providential meetings between two musicians who have a blast. I remember one of our local greatest artists, Gyuri Pascu, was once telling a story how once he had a jam with a female singer, and they sang so well, eye to eye contact, perfect pitch, unison chorus, that he realized that […]

  • You can’t hate what you don’t love

    Hate is a very poorly misunderstood sentiment. There is all this talk about hate speech, haters, hate as the cause of war, religious hate, hating your kind, hate mail, hate comments. Talk, talk, talk. Here is the thing: the object of hate can only be the love you have for something. The love! Not the […]

  • Pain, Angst, Anger. Do seeds, does rain, do rocks have them?

    So why are you afraid? Because I am a subjective object self aware and thrown into an abyss of meaninglessness, with a countdown tied to my heart. But you are not different. Yes I am! I am not special. But by all means I am different. My experience crafted me, your experience crafted you. There are […]

  • How to handle time

    “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor playerThat struts and frets his hour upon the stage,And then is heard no more. It is a taleTold by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing.” Macbeth, W. S. Live in the present. Think of the future. Learn from the past. We humans do not have monolithic existences. […]

  • I don’t like nihilism because it is not profitable

    I find nihilism to be funny. Really, I mean there is nothing, nothing funnier than staring into the void, and noticing the look on the void’s face, while it’s staring back at you: Because that’s how I see us humans, being in such a way that any eternal and motionless entity observing us thinks we’re […]

  • Will war “happen”?

    Do you think that, at this point in history, war falls in the same “pool of possibilities” as the Donald winning, or is it just more populist stirrups that haunt the news? Immigration, a concrete political truth, is the fault of a political elite that, due to their ivory tower isolation, failed to see the […]

  • What a misunderstood concept

    The “Political Correctness” phrase is the perfect example of good intention ending in disaster. The whirling cascade of bad jokes, inspired by the politically correct approaches (see George Carlin and his hate for PC) show in a crystal clear precision the difficulty of being lucid in a world bathing in confusion. The derogatory way in which […]