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  • Marketing, the art of buying customers

    Marketing is meant to find out what people expect or want, deliver the results to the product team, and then communicate the results of product development or innovation to the people, so that people find out that their problems have been solved and expectations met. I’m sorry that’s old news. New news is marketing is […]

  • Gratuitous Gratitude Hides Habits

    Beware of habits as they turn choices into destiny. I can find no other concept more oversold than gratitude. It is like gratitude is the single most rewarding emotion that humans are able to feel. However, in my experiences so far, this is not the case. Being grateful on demand is a wisely distorted blackmail: what […]

  • What is work ethic?

    You can’t teach someone work ethic. You can’t. “Work ethic is a belief that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character”, Wikipedia instructs. In my past 18 years of professional interaction with people, I found that work ethic is a deeply personal experience which […]

  • Status update

    Most of the people on this planet are currently upset. Some of them are also sad. There is a huge gap between what you expect and what you accomplish. Expectations are all so high because of things you neither control nor asked for. Accomplishments are so little because we’re highly rewarded for doing insignificant work. […]

  • Pro choice does not mean the right to not have children.

    The “choice” is the right to not have your children. Important distinction. You should make it. Balls are not for money shot fluid. Wombs are not for beach body support. Both are for producing new humans. We’re raising a generation of men and women who view having children as entirely optional, and I believe this […]

  • To be straight, don’t be gay.

    The truth about the gay community is that the stage of complete acceptance into an overwhelming straight majority is very far, simply because not being gay is part of the definition of being straight. You see, people have always known, deep inside, that sexuality is fluid and that sexuality only rarely manifests externally solely based […]

  • And, of the year, more spleen.

    The good never wins, the Roman Empire wins. The good never wins, the great horde wins. The good never wins, inquisition wins. The good never wins, the conquistadores win. The good never wins, Guantanamo wins. The good never wins, it only has small victories. I hate them. It is like a torture where you’re kept […]

  • Manipulation works because people like to get smart for free.

    People want to be smart by default. You can see it in the way a child becomes frustrated if another child understands faster whatever information. The manipulated gets information and arguments and chains of inference and deduction with no effort. They do not verify information because they have the same. human problem with giving back […]

  • If you will not have children

    Wanting children but not having them is not sad, it is depressive, that means it makes everything look like it doesn’t matter. It is a special kind of want which fucks you up. Maybe you will. Most people do, at least currently, have children. But maybe you won’t. If you won’t, can’t or don’t have […]

  • Change your denominator.

    Being a human in this day and age got limited. I feel like those kind of questions which were asked once with great reverence, are today barely referenced as conversation starters. People don’t want to go in depth anymore. What scarred me is that the shallowness is not the kind you find at careless teenagers […]