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  • My socialist ideas

    Cities should have no cars. Cars are the wrong means of transportation in a city. We require solid public transit options. Driving around on the streets of a city should be accompanied by a super high cost premium or forbidden by all means. Everything would work better from police to paramedics to getting to work […]

  • An idea to solve inequality

    Did you click? Good. Now continue. Here, this is gonna be hard, really hard, trust me i need to pamper y’all. It is a heavy solution which cuts like a scalpel and hurts just as bad. There’s gonna be blood. The main factor responsible for the deepening inequality is inheritance, in particular the extensiveness of it. […]

  • Know thyself the easy way

    Wait out your bad days, bad months and bad years. Don’t think deeper than the random thoughts of everyday. Imagine you’re all good. Not good, perfect. By the time one has a middle age crisis, you’ll be a solid human being with no doubts whatsoever, full of certainty, predictable and serene. You shall know thyself […]

  • Forget Maslow! Everything Is Basic Need.

    This damned theory, which governs our life plans, assumes that happiness is reached at the top of a pyramid of needs, and, until you get there, you must figure out more immediate problems like food, shelter or safety. On the basis of this model, a whole set of directions have been set in our society, […]

  • The day I will become a millionaire

    You’ve likely already found or at least seen the very best things (whether you know it or not). Make them count. I’ve always wondered about the use of this information. DHH is not the first nor the last, as he himself says, to somehow disseminate this information “through clever or modest-profound” ways. Why do rich people feel the […]

  • Platform tax, platform neutrality

    How about taxing platforms for all the efforts that governments would make on their behalf? This approach has two benefits: it eliminates the usual problems with self regulated industries (corruption, hiding data, independent branches, operating through fake front companies and so forth) it eases business and does not hamper growth (taxes are easy to integrate […]

  • 6 step East European weight loss system

    1. Walk 20 kilometers every night. Visit important places such as the parliament or the government. Bear to make friends with real people without Tinder thinking your way. Ignore the police defining your path with long fully equipped human chains, they are all meant well. Keep up with the other tens of thousands, no time […]

  • Disney depression

    This is the future. Damn. I know it doesn’t have to be this way, but for now it looks like it. If I’d have a future seeing shaft like the one in Tomorrowland i know I’ll spot John Company through it. We’re living in a pretty schizoid world. We are split between imagination and fantasy […]

  • Free energy

    i find it amazing how little we think of it We are bright creatures. If Fermi saw a truth, we might be the only bright creatures in an infinite space. We make nice smelling toilet paper. We make pocket size super computers. We spend so much and invest so big into futuristic space travel. We […]

  • The inequality propaganda

    1 > 39 and other inequalities The 1% is now another umbrella term that tries to make the other 99% feel like they have things in common. The truth is that they don’t. By wealth the world is not split in 1% and 99%. It is in fact split between the “top” 1%, next 4%, […]