Author: Andrei Draganescu

  • Coin Oppressed

    To me, so far, the war with Russia is about money remaining an instrument of power. Not my rights or your “democracy”. Not about who has the money. Nor how much. It’s about money remaining an instrument of war, blackmail, submission, colonisation and imperial control. When money is printed based on how big your cudgel […]

  • Rules based world 101

    Progress is for imperialism politically, feudal capitalism economically and dystopian censorship socially. Activism is for power concentration, spoliation of subjects and wealth grabs. Idealism is for the perpetual war of the hegemon.

  • Product management for open source products

    This post was due about 4 years ago. In the meantime things changed. Some didn’t 🙂 I would like to propose that open source projects should create an in-house product management organisation/working group/team to work as part of the wider open source project community. This is not easy because, in the world of open-source software, […]

  • I dislike the Greta personna

    I dislike the public figure Greta T. Her persona reminds me of the kids that recited party speeches and worshipping poems for a dictator on TV. Self important useless puppets regurgitating the agenda worked up by their backers. Sometimes these kids were all right, they themselves caught in a machine that had no care for […]

  • Eu nu boicotez

    Zdenek Romanek si i ou’ de la Raiffaisen a zis sa nu fugim de banca lui Austriaca. Sincer sunt de acord cu el. Eșecul cu luarea în spațiu a țării noastre de către UE este al politicienilor și al funcționarilor statului. De data asta nu mai poate spune nimeni că “românii” sunt de vină. Care […]

  • Dieting and processed foods

    I am on a diet. I have had some life stretches of constant stress and unhappiness and they – like always – resulted in suboptimal changes to my lifestyle: more sedentarism, a constant craving which resulted on all addictions moving forward at full speed. So I started this low carb diet because it is the […]

  • whales and climate

    what is the meaning of moby dick? Moby-Dick is a novel by Herman Melville, published in 1851. The novel tells the story of a sailor named Ishmael and his voyage on a whaling ship called the Pequod, captained by the monomaniacal Ahab, who is on a quest to kill a white sperm whale named Moby-Dick. […]

  • Stop participating?

    I keep saying stop participating but what do I mean by it? I mean stop acting and existing as if what happens is the natural result of human experience instead of a plan to deliberately make you not trust your own eyes. You can’t exit the system. Anyone who urges you to exit the system […]

  • Things were just fine

    Capitalism works if there is a gazillion small companies competing on local markets and international trade is heavily managed by countries having sovereign economies, independent politics and protectionist taxation. Politics works if there are a gazillion opinionated cause-driven local parties who rip each other off locally but see the greater national sovereign interest as a […]

  • Strategie pentru copii mici

    Corea de Nord o tara cat jumate din Romania a bagat spaima in partenerii nostri strtegici si in partenerii lor strategici. Asa ca toti s-au sesizat strategic si s-au dus acolo in coasta lui Kim Jong-un cu avioane de ultima generatie, peste o suta. Au adus avioane de alimentat in aer alte avioane, au adus […]