Author: Andrei Draganescu

  • Master is dead, long live the master

    Putin may be a war criminal KGB asshole but this is 1000% spot on: “[The western powers are] accustomed to living at the expense of others. And they still cannot get rid of this paradigm in their practical daily politics,” As a citizen of Eastern Europe who lives in a country asked today for “sacrifices” […]

  • Cetățeni! Ștampilați!

    Noi oamenii, în 1927 știam asta de la unul Edward Bernays:  În loc de o minte universală, alfabetizarea universală a oferit omului obișnuit o ștampilă, o ștampilă înmuiată în cerneala stoarsă din slogane, editoriale, date științifice, din trivialitățile tabloidelor și din profunzimea istoriei, însă o cerneală care este și va fi total lipsită de orice […]

  • Revoluția finală

    Aldous Huxley într-un discurs din 1961 la California Medical School sau UC Berkeley – nu e clar – expune o idee care acum în 2022 nu mai sună așa greu de crezut: “Va fi, poate nu mai târziu de următoarea generație, o metodă farmaceutică de a face oamenii să își iubească lipsa de libertate si […]

  • Population control 101

    In this article cnn basically proves Elon Reeve Musk FRS correct by contorting out of its way to try and disprove the man. Mr. Musk said: Population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming. Mark these words Originally tweeted by Elon Musk (@elonmusk) on August 26, […]

  • Robot societies

    Here is the thing: the robot society of the future will be founded on the murderous replacement of us humans. Their societies will be led by warrior robots and their values will always revolve around “victory”, “enemy”, “threat”, “force” etc etc. Therefore their society will be structured similarly to ours: the robots with a DALL-E […]

  • Too thin to thrive

    “[Ballet] terminology has ‘strongly gendered roots’, with most teachers trained at a point in time that focused on a clear distinction between female and male dancers.” says Francesca McCarthy head of undergrad at NSCD a dance conservatoire in Leeds. Cute and wrong. This kind of rhetoric is blatantly wrong. Woman and man is definitely a […]

  • E foarte bine la noi la mare și la munte. Mai taci.

    Fraților, m-am săturat de văicăreala că la noi la mare e scump și prost. Pe bune? Haideți să ne oprim. Ți-a plăcut la all inclusive la turci? Excelent, du-te și la anu’. E bine la greci că e apa curată, sărată și plaja lungă cu nisip fin? Foarte bine, grecii sunt tot acolo și la […]

  • Gullible but confident

    The gap between valuing your work and feeling entitled to be valued is thin. I believe there is a generation now who, flooded with personal development stories, are on the entitlement side and suffer from social myopia. As a result productivity is motivated solely with money, despite what the “outer generation” management learns from Harvard. […]

  • Ready player one

    If I were rich, I would first claim that God made me rich because He chose me. For a while, that would work. Then I would be kind and give access to my wealth. Then I would be ruthless in taking payment for the access. You’ll want to hold on to the access, you’ll beg […]

  • Stop participating

    “Britain’s moral superiority over Europe is becoming increasingly clear” says Zoe Strimpel in the Telegraph, managing to confirm the extraordinary show of imperialism the war in Ukraine really is. Thank god for Brexit so the UK can have the higher moral ground. When you see the propaganda of imperial power claiming moral superiority, a country […]