I dislike the Greta personna

I dislike the public figure Greta T. Her persona reminds me of the kids that recited party speeches and worshipping poems for a dictator on TV.

Self important useless puppets regurgitating the agenda worked up by their backers.

Sometimes these kids were all right, they themselves caught in a machine that had no care for their well being. Maybe Greta is ok too behind the iron zealotry that we’re all gonna die in a planetary greenhouse.

But some of those kids were so self absorbed and “important”, so oblivious to the slanted system that handpicked and placed them in the front of the pack, that they’d grow up to be livid memories of childhood glory shoving the party’s ugliest ideals in everyone’s faces while acting all superior and indulgent with our existence.

When I read Greta “dedicated her life” to the cause I fear she’ll become the grown up party kid I used to hate so much.

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