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You know what’s great?


Money is freedom. Money is ability.

I love being able, don’t you?

The Golden Rule

The golden rule is NP. A moral compass is P.

Unless P = NP, you can’t program the golden rule.


Either tech driven or fear driven.

Either a product or an atempt.

Either seen or forgotten.

Either for the people or by the people.

Where is the line between illness and identity?


power is not in numbers.

Power stems from ability.

Numbers mean nothing.

Ability comes from leverage, control, cadence, focus and execution.

You should feel lucky 
if you like those who like you.

You should feel
if you’re like those who like you.

Social justice makes me horny.

Given time, any industry’s startups regress to hobby.

The finest form of manipulation, the thief that hears the clicking of the trust vault’s lock, is that which creates the impression of sacrifice.

This is boring.

I read of all the things that happen. I see all these people who talk about the things that happen.

The things still happen.

4 directions to strive for in life

  1. Strive for health instead of money.
  2. Strive for time instead of achievements.
  3. Strive for people instead of things.
  4. Strive for relationships instead of networking.

Frank Underwood’s wife changed a faucet while wearing heels, stockings and a black dress.

Script writers are oblivious to living.

Social justice cannot be a crowd pleaser.

When it comes to social issues script writers are just as clueless as about IT. It is obvious they are just repeating another script inside their script and

that sounds a helluva lot like an agenda.

The natural SJW is a situation.

If your fetish is cuckoldry you cannot brag about not being jealous.

It’s not your article it’s your articulation.

That is what you make of value.

Persistence is a greater virtue for the lazy.