Be sure to ask questions, the brain loves them

They say that to build an online following you need to write about one topic, and only one. I can’t do that. But I could say I do have one topic: questions! Questions I am asking myself. Here is a long list with the answers I got.

Existentialist answers:

Step into the loop
I am smarter than my hunger

Painfully aware
The problem
Time makes people kill themselves
Potential expectation
Can an atheist love?
There are two ways of living
I love climate change.
This: I want to live the life I’ve always dreamt I would live.
What God should have done on the 7th day
How to be happy
What is love? Baby don’t hurt me!
Emotional algorithm
If there’s a will, there’s a way

Esoteric answers:

The religious experience
Esoteric 3D space

Meta answers:

Letter to the struggling creator of anything
A Medium for the “reader” persona —
Medium is

Answers as responses:

Right versus rational is a lie
So Holly Wood banned me.
The day I will become a millionaire
Thank you and here is some gratitude
All success is overnight, because it is random
@ElonMusk, you behave like a big child
Differential diagnosis is more fit for computers
People! Growth is not disruption!
The difference between the cult and the personality

Socialist and pacifist answers:

Free energy
Forget Maslow, everything is basic need
The inequality propaganda
My socialist ideas
More socialist ideas
Are you wondering?
The plural of person is corporation
Control freaks, everywhere
But we require more Vespene gas!
There is no hope.
Artificial sincerity
We need no soldiers

Self help answers

Nobody can inspire you
Leader over population
You can do anything and you’re still unhappy?
Loose the FIMO
If you wouldn’t do your job for free, its ok to carry on doing it.
Be happy working on your own
Read less. Listen less. Think more.
Dear friendzoned men,
Don’t be Hooked ™
Yeah, hard work is a bitch. Here is why we should love it.
How stuff works
Opportunity is when luck meets preparation
Happiness = Reality — Expectations
Know thyself, the envy way
Know thyself the Facebook way
Know thyself the easy way

Work answers:

Coding shall be another solved problem
Tech recruitment works like figure skating competitions

Cheaters always win
Project zombification, the business of the walking dead
Don’t run out of money
You better workbench!
Deadline Dread
I hate bacon, kill me.
How to win the lottery or have an IPO-ing startup
What Is Management?
What is product management?

THE answers:

The crown jewel: Evolving, an essay about life and our place in the universe. However if you don’t have the time for longer essays, here it is split into small bytes:

The meaning of life 
Life causes uncertainty and other problems
A brain is a software time machine
What does being “alive” mean?
Responsibility is a load of crap
The bonding behaviours
Your biases are awesome
The mind is a transitory state
The funnel of change
The person is the ego
How to replicate ourselves

Answers as listicles:

12 tips on beauty
3 simple components of living
Top 3 human qualities
The 7 social circle types
4 directions to strive for in life
10 hard things in life
12 things to remember daily
8 fucks the future me doesn’t give
Money do bring happiness, and 15 other truths

I so want to have the time to write fiction!

Chapter 1: The future is uncertain