Money do bring happiness, and 15 other truths

Dear human,

— Here is the gist:

You can be anything, but you will become just something.

You can want everything, but you can’t do everything.

You can be anything, but you can’t be everything.

You can know it all, but you can’t experience it all.

— Also, it helps if you know that:

Money do bring happiness. 
They bring happiness closer. Yes they do.

Fun will always be awesome.
However, you will always treat fun as an opportunity and that will cause a lot of bad choices. Remember your choices, it’s nice and puts direction into your life.

Principles are rock, ideas are scissors and reality is paper.
Throughout your life you will have your principles, fight for your ideas and stumble upon reality.
Trying to impose your world on reality, is trying to beat paper with rock. Reality always wins.
Trying to keep reality from changing, is trying to beat scissors with paper. Ideas always win.
Trying to change the world, is trying to beat rock with scissors. Principles always win.

Everything is temporary.
Especially fashion and beauty trends. You, everything you do, them, everything they do, all is temporary. There is only one enemy, by effect you have only one enemy, and it is the enemy we all share: death. 
Death is permanent.

Nobody knows anything.
We are self referential creatures, that’s our secret sauce. It helps us distill complexity out of simple, raw information, but at the same time: we know nothing outside of what we know. Because of that, nobody knows anything. Forget diplomas, forget religion, forget endorsements, forget leaders, forget thought leaders, forget tradition and ideology, forget morals and life systems, when it comes down to self: we’re all walking in the dark, hoping for the best.

Optimize your life for joy more than for happiness. 
Seek to elevate pleasure to joy. While happiness is in your head and pleasure is in your groin, joy is at the fine line between the two. Happiness is elusive, pleasure is exhausting, joy is a relief. An existence filled with joy never gets into crisis because it will, by effect, be also filled with meaning.

You don’t deserve anything. 
Nobody deserves anything. “To deserve” should be removed from your vocabulary, because the moment you feel like you deserve something you are entitled. Nobody deserves anything, because deserving something assumes the universe keeps a scoreboard, it doesn’t. The universe doesn’t care. By tomorrow, in a blink we could all be vaporized, who will then claim that of which you say you deserve. Entitlement is the cancerous mole on the skin of humanity, passes as a normal thing, it is painless and metastasizes all over in tumors of inequality, racism and bigotry.

Embrace the power of never.
Whatever your dream is use the power of never: you will never achieve it, you will never have it, you will never feel it. Let it sink in. 
Whatever your dream is you will never achieve it, you will never have it, you will never feel it. Let it sink in
Whatever your dream is you will never achieve it, you will never have it, you will never feel it. Let it sink in.

Did it sink in? Do you feel empty or free? If you feel empty instead of free, drop everything and go live the dream. Now!

Otherwise, be free.